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31 Superb Kodi Lee Covers—Including Frank Sinatra!—That Prove He's a Music Genius

The America's Got Talent Season 14 winner continues to wow us with his interpretations of hit songs.

By Elizabeth Logan

Musical savant Kodi Lee, who is blind and autistic, is a legend in the America's Got Talent universe. And he's been on a hot streak of success ever since winning season 14, competing on AGT spin-offs like All-Stars and 2024's Fantasy League, putting out his own music, and using his platform to educate others. With his positive attitude (his motto is "heck yeah"), he continuously brightens fans' days with his enthusiastic music covers online, and the breadth of genres he tackles confirms his genius. 

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Don't believe us? Watch these 31 Kodi Lee music covers, below, and be amazed by his talent. 

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Kodi Lee's best music covers

Kodi Lee performs on America's Got Talent: Fantasy League Episode 101

"Man in the Mirror" by Michael Jackson

Performed, appropriately enough, into a mirror.

"Talking to the Moon" by Bruno Mars

More like singing to the moon, but that's just a detail.

"Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen

Posted, appropriately, just in time for Easter.

"Change Is Gonna Come"

Love the shiny red shirt!

@officialkodileerocks Replying to @autisticcommando What an amazing request! Change Is Gonna Come - Sam Cooke ♥️✨ #heckyeah! Keep the requests coming!😎 #samcooke #agt #kodilee #kodileerocks #changeisgonnacome #kodify ♬ original sound - Kodi Lee

"Heroes" by David Bowie

For ever and ever.

"Biblical" by Calum Scott

How does he hit all those notes!?

"Tiny Dancer" by Elton John

The 1972 hit continues to capture hearts around the world.

"I'm Just Ken" from the Barbie movie 

He's just Kodi!

@officialkodileerocks This was a fun and catchy song to sing, do you guys find it catchy too? Heck Yeah! 🎼🎤👱‍♂️🌟 #barbie #ken #barbiemovie #ryangosling #margotrobbie #gretagerwig #heckyeah #kodilee #kodileerocks ♬ original sound - Kodi Lee

"The Best" by Tina Turner

Lee honored the passing of the late great Tina Turner with a cover of one of her best songs.

"Let's Stay Together" by Al Green

By popular request!

@officialkodileerocks Replying to @red4410lovestequila I Love This Song, Wow!✨ What a great request ♥️ Whos comment is next?🤔 Lets Stay Together 🤝 #kodilee #kodileerocks #heckyeah #letsstaytogether #algreen #kodify ♬ original sound - Kodi Lee

"Drops of Jupiter" by Train

Who knew Kodi had a rock star side?

@officialkodileerocks ✨ Drops Of Jupiter✨ Train , This is one my favorite songs to sing! Heck Yeah! Comment below what you want to hear me sing next 😎 # kodilee #kodileemusic #kodileerocks #kodify #heckyeah #agt #agtlive #agtwinner #kodileesmom #agtsuperstars #agtgoldenbuzzer #helloworld #changinglives #makingadifference #dropsofjupiter #train ♬ original sound - Kodi Lee

"Nothing Compares 2 U" By Prince/Sinead O'Connor

Lee was one of many who paid tribute to the late Irish singer with the song she made famous.

"Happy" by Pharrell

Listening to this makes us...happy!

"True Colors" by Cyndi Lauper

Lee decided to celebrate his birthday with — what else? — a song!

"Ordinary People" by John Legend

"We're just ordinary people, we don't know which way to go."

"You Are the Reason" by Calum Scott

As a special treat, he got to perform this tune with Leona Lewis.

"Stand by Me" by Ben E. King

It's an a cappella staple, but Kodi Lee proves it works on piano too, in case you forgot!

"Fly Me to the Moon" by Frank Sinatra

Clearly, Lee loves him some oldies.

"Take Me To Church" by Hozier

It may be performed in his music room, but we still got the church vibes.

@officialkodileerocks Who remembers this song?! Thank you for all the amazing song suggestions you guys have sent me! 😎🎶 What do you want to hear next?👇 #takemetochurch #hozier #coversong #kodilee #kodileerocks #agtwinner ♬ original sound - Kodi Lee

"Angels" by Robbie Williams

He should do more Robbie Williams, probably. He kills it!

"Lean on Me" by Bill Withers

A classic that will never go out of style, perfect to be sung in groups of friends or for someone special you love. It works in every context.

"Yellow" by Coldplay

One of the most beautiful songs ever written? Probably. If we had Kodi's talent, we'd cover it too.

"Black" by Pearl Jam

Another color, another cover. This is one of the few covers Lee performed without his piano; instead, a guitarist strums along.

"Fix You" by Coldplay

Clearly, Lee is a Coldplay fan, and their melodic music is a perfect fit for his piano-forward signature style.

"This Is Halloween" from The Nightmare Before Christmas

The spooky anthem from the Tim Burton classic is good for year round!

"Fast Car" by Tracy Chapman

After Luke Combs' cover gave the song new life, Lee decided to put his own spin on it as well.

"Vampire" by Olivia Rodrigo

The lead single from Rodrigo's second album has also been covered by AGT's Darci Lynne.

"Rewrite the Stars" from The Greatest Showman

Originally recorded as a high-flying duet between Zac Efron and Zendaya (they perform it in the movie while swinging from a trapeze), this is a beautiful paean to the power of love against the odds. If only we could...but maybe we can! A perfect fit for Lee's inspiring story.

"Just the Two of Us" by Grover Washington Jr. and Bill Withers

"This is for my best friend, Remy! Heck yeah!" said Lee online.

"Ghostbusters" by Ray Parker, Jr.

Who ya gonna call? Kodi!

The National Anthem

Not technically a "cover" since it's supposed to be sung by a different person every time, but we're including it for Lee's great vocal performance, and the fact that he sweetly performed it at his sister's graduation!