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What's Happened to Kelly Severide on Chicago Fire?

The One Chicago fan favorite has been a certified scene-stealer since Season 1.

By Jessica White

There are many great firefighters within the ranks of Chicago Fire's Firehouse 51, but the powerhouse Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) is one of the most legendary characters of NBC's nail-biter. 

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Severide has been stealing Chi-Hard's hearts since the 2011 series premiere. An exceptionally skilled and empathetic lieutenant, it feels like he had been constantly throwing himself in the line of fire to help both civilians and his Firehouse 51 colleagues.

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Severide has also been the star of several swoon-worthy romances as One Chicago's bona fide heartthrob, as well as a cornerstone of the series for more than a decade of action-packed episodes

Taylor Kinney as Kelly Severide in 'Chicago Fire'

When did Kelly Severide first appear on Chicago Fire?

The series kicked off with Kelly Severide and his Firehouse 51 friend Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) struggling to cope with the recent death of their friend while on duty. Both firefighters blamed the other for their role in their fallen colleague's death. Luckily, Severide and Casey were able to rectify their differences and come out stronger in the end. 

But Severide in Season 1 of Chicago Fire was a completely different person than today: He was a womanizer and emotionally unreliable.

Besides Casey, another major support system for Severide at the time was his roommate and Firehouse 51 paramedic, Leslie Shay (Lauren German). Leslie and Severide's beer-fueled hangouts and trips to One Chicago watering hole Molly's led to some of Severide's most vulnerable moments.

Kelly Severide appears in Chicago Fire.

Who is Kelly Severide's half-brother Jack Damon on Chicago Fire?

Jack Damon (Michael Bradway) joined 51 in Season 12, Episode 10 ("The Wrong Guy") and took an immediate interest in Severide, after which the two developed a good relationship.

But after Darren Ritter (Daniel Kyri) overheard a shady phone call during which Damon implied he had a mission at 51 and shared what he'd heard in Episode 11 ("Inside Man"), the new guy was ostracized by everyone but Severide.

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On the scene of a restaurant fire in Episode 13 ("Never Say Goodbye"), Damon went ballistic on an abusive father who was causing issues for his kid. Kidd was tempted to kick Damon back to the floater pool, but staff shortages prevented it. 

After Severide asked Damon what his deal was, the truth finally came to light. 

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“I wanted to answer the question that you asked me last shift. About why I lost my cool on that call and why I really came to 51," Damon explained. "That guy at the restaurant, the father, he was being mean and he was treating that younger kid like dirt. And I had a father like that, too. His name was Benny Severide."

Severide was floored by this news — but before Chi-Hards could find out what Severide thought about the evelopment, the season faded to black. 

Jack Damon appears in Chicago Fire Season 12 Episode 11

Who was Kelly Severide's father, Benny, on Chicago Fire?

Benny Severide (Treat Williams) had been a firefighter at Firehouse 51 with Chief Wallace Boden (Eamonn Walker) before he transferred to CFD's arson investigation department. He had been estranged from Kelly Severide for years prior to Season 1 because he was a notorious womanizer who did very little parenting of Kelly.

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The two reconnected toward the end of Season 1, though Kelly was not particularly excited to spend any time with the man.

Still, starting in Season 2, Episode 3 ("Defcon 1"), Kelly began asking for Benny's help on fire-related cases. In Season 2, Episode 5 ("A Power Move"), Kelly learned that Benny had an adult daughter — and he had a half sister he'd never known about.

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In Season 3, Episode 18 ("Forgiving, Relentless, Unconditional"), it was revealed that the younger Severide had spent some of his teen years living with Chicago Med's April Sexton (Yaya DaCosta) because he didn't want to be in his own home after his father had cheated on his mother with a teacher from his school.

 It was revealed in Season 7, Episode 6 ("All the Proof"), that Benny had suffered a stroke and died. 

Actors Taylor Kinney and Treat Williams together in a scene from Chicago Fire.

Who is Kelly Severide's half-sister, Katie Nolan?

In Season 2, Episode 5 ("A Power Move"), Severide witnessed his dad embracing a young woman and was annoyed, instantly assuming that the womanizing Benny was cheating on his current wife. 

In Episode 7 ("No Regrets"), Severide visited the young woman he saw Benny with, and made a discovery that left him gobsmacked: The woman, Katie Nolan (Brittany Curran), wasn't Benny's mistress but his daughter (and Kelly's half-sister).

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In the same episode, Severide confronted his father about Katie, and Benny finally apologized for his neglectful parenting. The apology was long overdue and concluded with Benny insisting that Severide get to know his sister, Katie.

Initially, Katie had major hold-ups about spending time with Severide. In Episode 8 ("Rhymes with Shout"), Severide expressed interest in connecting, but Katie shrugged him off, fearing he'd abandon her just as Benny had. As Severide began to leave, he told her that he was nothing like their father.

In Episode 9 ("You Will Hurt Him"), Severide went above and beyond to show Katie how much he wished to be a part of her life. He was the sole attendee of her graduation from culinary school and even threw her a graduation party. They continued to build their bond throughout the season, growing even closer after Severide rescued her from a harrowing kidnapping in Season 2, Episode 14 ("Virgin Skin"). 

However, she left town in that episode to stay in Chicago and recover from her traumatic experience.

She returned once — for Benny Severide's funeral in Season 7, Episode 7 ("What Will Define You").

When did Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd begin dating on Chicago Fire?

Season 4 marked the introduction of the passionate Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) to Chicago Fire. Seasons later, she would become Severide's wife and overall ride-or-die. At the time, though, Stella was dealing with her recent divorce from her ex-husband Grant, a struggling addict.

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The two had an instant flirtation, but Severide didn't make his move until Episode 21 ("Kind of a Crazy Idea") when he kissed Stella at Molly's.

In the Season 4 finale, Severide and Stella took their budding romance to the next level by hooking up at her apartment. The romance was instantly ruined for viewers, who could see that, unbeknownst to the couple, Grant had broken into Stella's home and was watching the lovers from the closet while holding a knife.

In the Season 5 premiere, Grant attacked Stella outside of Molly's over her romance with Severide — who naturally saved the day. Stella, however, refused to press charges, instead insisting that her ex go to rehab. Her decision ended the budding Stellaride romance (temporarily, at least).

Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) and Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) appear in Season 7 Episode 7 of Chicago Fire.

When did Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd get back together on Chicago Fire?

In Season 6, the sizzling chemistry between Severide and Stella became even more apparent after she was kicked out of her apartment building and he allowed her to crash at his place. 

The roommates constantly struggled to dampen their attraction for each other — and ultimately, Stella swooped in for a drunk kiss in Episode 6 ("Down Is Better"). Severide stopped her before she could land the smooch, gently telling her, "Not like this." 

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Stella and Severide didn't last long as just friends before they cast aside their doubts. In Season 6, Episode 15 ("The Chance to Forgive"), Stella and Severide agreed they were firmly dating, which complicated their "totally blasé" roommate agreement. Stella decided to move out to allow their relationship room to grow.

In the Season 6 finale, Stellaride fans finally saw Severide call Stella his girlfriend.

Why did Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd break up in Season 7 of Chicago Fire?

Severide's grief over his father's death led him to create distance from Stella in Season 7 and, after being effectively shut out of his life, she decided to end the relationship, initially catapulting Severide into further turmoil. 

He then spent significant time working on himself, assessing his tumultuous relationship with his father and his tendency to run from those he loves the most. Severide's quest for self-actualization culminated in a visit to his father's old cabin in the woods. After missing a few shifts at the firehouse, Stella suspected Severide had gone to Benny's cabin and visited him to make sure he was okay. 

Upon arriving, Severide confessed to Stella that he understood why she'd broken up with him because she deserved a better man. He then revealed that he intended to do whatever it took to become that better man, leading to an emotional reunion.

Kelley and Stella looking at each other lovingly

When did Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd move in together on Chicago Fire?

One of the best developments from Severide's emotional growth on Chicago Fire was his slow-burn romance with Stella becoming a bona fide relationship.

In Season 8, Episode 12 ("Then Nick Porter Happened"), Stella finally moved back in with Severide, and fans finally got to see the two kick back and relax within their relationship rather than constantly snuff out fires in it. 

Stella Kidd and Kelly Severide on Chicago Fire

When did Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd get married on Chicago Fire?

In Season 9, Episode 15 ("A White-Knuckle Panic"), the two took their relationship to the next level when Severide proposed to Stella in the midst of addressing a life-threatening building fire.

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“I don’t want you to ever leave me," Severide confessed before popping the question. "Stella Kidd, will you marry me?” 

“Hell yeah," she said. 

Stella experienced some natural engagement jitters in Season 10 of Chicago Fire, even taking some time away from the firehouse. Severide was concerned about why she was so distant, but soon enough, Stella came clean about her anxieties and the two learned how to better communicate from the experience.

Surrounded by all of their Firehouse 51 loved ones, Stellaride got married in the Season 10 finale. 

Why did Kelly Severide leave Chicago Fire in Season 11?

In Season 11, Severide took a time-out from Chicago, leaving his friends, colleagues, and even his wife guessing about what might have happened to him.

After Severide's interest in arson investigation was sufficiently sparked in Season 11 of Chicago Fire, he received a call from the CFD's Office of Fire Investigation Captain, Tom Van Meter (Tim Hopper). In Season 11, Episode 14 ("Run Like Hell"), fans learned Severide had received an invitation to “the best arson investigation training program in the world" — which sadly happened to be located in Alabama

Giving Boden just one day's notice, Severide left to pursue his passions in arson investigation, bidding farewell to his wife, Stella Kidd — who supported his career but missed him dearly.

In Season 11, Episode 21 (“Change of Plans”), Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso) discovered that, despite Severide's continued absence, he was no longer at the arson investigation program in Alabama. Instead, he'd been drafted for an ATF investigation in an undisclosed location... but had disclosed none of that to his wife, Stella. 

After getting vague answers from Severide about his whereabouts and gaining no clarity on his future in Chicago, Stella decided to take matters into her own hands in the Season 11 finale

"I am taking the next few shifts off," Stella told Sam Carver (Jake Lockett) while swiftly packing her bags. "I'm going to get my husband and bring him back to Chicago."

Severide had returned to the Windy City by the Season 12 premiere ("Barely Gone"). 

Chicago Fire Kelly Severide And The Other Firefighters

Are Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd having a baby on Chicago Fire?

After Stella and Severide navigated their trust issues in Season 12, they came out of their marital struggles — and as colleagues — stronger than ever.

Along the way, Severide started thinking about what it would look like to add a little one to their family soon. 

In the Season 12 finale, Severide told Stella that he'd been thinking a lot about starting a family. Stella was shocked by the confession, largely because a pregnancy would complicate her ability to bumrush burning buildings. Severide explained that he knew it was a bigger decision for Stella than it was for him, but wanted to let her know he'd been thinking about it "a lot."

Stella Kidd and Kelly Severide appear in Chicago Fire Season 12 Episode 6

What happened to Kelly Severide's friendship with Leslie Shay on Chicago Fire?

Shay was Severide's best friend, his colleague, and his roommate. Shay was a lesbian and asked him to help her conceive and co-parent a child in Season 1, Episode 18 ("Fireworks"). In Episode 19  ("A Coffin That Small") he accepted. However, they discovered that their efforts had not resulted in a pregnancy in that season's finale ("A Hell of a Ride") — and that Severide's ex-girlfriend was pregnant with a baby he believed to be his. (He ultimately discovered in Season 2 that he was not that child's father.)

Shay and Severide, however, ended their roommate situation over his belief that he and his ex could work things out for her child.

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In the Season 2 finale ("Real Never Waits"), Shay and her partner Gabby Dawson (Monica Raymund) were working to help a civilian during a fire when an explosion went off.

Shay suffered from a severe head injury as a result, falling to the ground unconscious. In a moment of sheer panic, Severide and Gabby tearfully attempted to revive their friend.

Picking up six weeks after the devastating building fire, Season 3 of Chicago Fire began on a somber note as the audience learned that Shay hadn't survived. Firehouse 51 struggled to move on from the tragic death — Gabby and Severide more than most. 

Who was Kelly Severide's first wife, Brittany Baker, on Chicago Fire?

After Shay's death, Severide took his drunken grieving to Las Vegas in Season 3, Episode 6 ("Madmen and Fools"), where he met Brittany Baker (Serinda Swan), who was grieving her sister's death.

Upon returning to Firehouse 51 in Episode 7 ("Nobody Touches Anything"), Severide told his shocked friends that he had married Brittany in Vegas.

The pair ultimately called off their marriage in Episode 9 ("Arrest in Transit") after agreeing to deal with their actual issues rather than distracting themselves with a half-baked union.

What happened between Kelly Severide and Anna Turner on Chicago Fire?

Severide embarked on a romance with Anna Turner (Charlotte Sullivan) in Season 5. After Severide reconnected with his firefighter-buddy-turned-doctor Jeff Clarke, he was asked to enroll on the bone marrow registry in Episode 8 ("One Hundred"). Severide agreed — a life-altering choice that led him to meet a bone marrow recipient, Anna. 

Severide learned Anna was fighting leukemia and she'd previously struggled to find a bone marrow match. Severide, however, proved to be a perfect match in more ways than one: After receiving Severide's donation, she both seemed to make significant progress and the two fell in love, ultimately dating throughout the season. 

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Much to Severide's devastation, his relationship with Anna was cut short after her condition quickly took a downward turn. Severide stuck by Anna's side in the hospital until she ultimately succumbed to her illness. 

Originally published Nov 23, 2023.