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A Look at Stellaride's Epic Love Story on Chicago Fire

A romance for the ages.

By McKenzie Jean-Philippe

After seven seasons of heartbreak, toxic exes, breakups and makeups, Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) and Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) are stronger than ever on Chicago Fire. Let's look back on their relationship history: 

Season 4

Stellaride (Miranda Rae Mayo and Taylor Kinney) on Chicago Fire

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Kidd made her Firehouse 51 debut as the newest team member in Episode 15. Viewers learned that she and Severide met each other years back at the Fire Academy. Flash-forward to Mouch's wedding during Episode 18's "On the Warpath": Kidd reveals Severide made a grand romantic gesture while they were trainees. According to her, he came to her home and was "rappelling down from a skylight" while singing Frank Sinatra's "This Love of Mine." The downside? Kidd was married at the time and her husband, Grant, was not happy.

During Episode 21's "Kind of a Crazy Idea," after weeks of clear chemistry, the pair shared their first kiss at Molly's Bar. During the Season 4 finale, they took their connection to the next level and had sex for the first time. But the moment was ruined—for fans, at least—when it was revealed Kidd's ex-husband Grant escaped a psychiatric facility and broke into his former wife's apartment. Unbeknownst to Kidd and Severide, he was watching them in bed together while holding a knife.

Season 5

Kelley and Stella looking at each other lovingly

Grant continues to be the main obstacle keeping Kidd and Severide apart. At the end of the Season 5 premiere, an infuriated Grant attacks Kidd in the alleyway at Molly's, but not before Severide saves her and stabs Grant. However, Kidd still has sympathy for her ex (who's an addict) and declines to press charges for his attack. Instead, she encouraged him to go to rehab. This decision strains her and Severide's relationship, and the two put a stop to their budding romance before it ever really began. They remained friends throughout the season. 

Season 6

After she gets kicked out of her apartment, Severide invites Kidd to stay in his guest room (despite their complicated history). Now that they're roommates, their connection is even harder to ignore. Kidd even drops a drunken kiss on Severide during Episode 6's "Down Is Better," but he gently turns her down by insisting it wasn't the right time for them to get together. "Not like this," he tells her.

Despite both pursuing other relationships throughout the season, at the end of Episode 15, they officially begin dating. In order to make sure their relationship keeps moving on the right track, Kidd moves out of Severide's apartment. In the season finale, Severide calls Kidd his girlfriend.

Season 7 

Stellaride's happiness is cut short when Severide's father dies. Stricken by grief, he distances himself from Kidd, and she breaks up with him. But Severide uses nearly the entire season to become a better man, and they get back together in the finale.

Season 8

Stella Kidd and Kelly Severide on Chicago Fire

When compared to the drama of episodes past, Season 8 was largely uneventful for Stellaride. The highlight? Kidd moved back in with Severide into his and Casey's apartment in Episode 12's "Then Nick Porter Happened." 

Season 9

Despite a brief rough patch at the beginning of the season, Stellaride become engaged in Episode 15's “A White-Knuckle Panic." Severide pops the question in a burning building while the two are on duty. 

“I don’t want you to ever leave me," he says. "Stella Kidd, will you marry me?” Her response: “Hell yeah.”

Season 10

Kelley proposing to Stella

Kidd is gone from Firehouse 51 throughout the first half of the season in efforts to spread the word about her Girls on Fire program. She barely communicates with Severide while she's away, leaving him to question how she feels about their engagement. By Episode 10 she's back, and they solve their differences after Kidd opens up about her anxiety. 

In Season 10 finale, this couple finally tied the knot. 

Season 11

Stella and Severide remain strong, but in the Season 11 midseason finale, an explosion puts Stella's life at risk. Will she come out alive? 

Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until Chicago Fire returns on January 4, 2023 to get a concrete answer to this question. But here's what co-showrunner Derek Haas has to say: "That is a big, big, question when Episode 10 comes back: Did anyone survive this? Severide's 'gonna rush right in to the building, stepping over debris and into the fog, and we're 'gonna be right there with him as we try to figure out if anyone survived. But the ramifications of this are 'gonna hang over the second half of the season." 

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