S6 E410/19/17

A Breaking Point
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As Casey takes on new responsibilities during his first day as captain, Dawson is caught in a collapsed parking garage and must use all her wits and abilities to save those trapped with her.

S6 E310/12/17

An Even Bigger Surprise
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Casey faces unexpected consequences after clashing with a visiting captain; Mouch plans a surprise for Cruz, but struggles to keep it secret; and Brett's friend Holly makes a surprising move.

S6 E210/05/17

Ignite on Contact
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Mouch pushes the team into a demanding training regiment for the firefighter muster, and when Casey and Severide investigate the school fire, they discover two students with something to hide.

S6 E109/28/17

It Wasn't Enough
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Mouch returns to the firehouse with a new lease on life; Boden learns a fire at his wife's school wasn't an accident; Dawson and Casey reconnect; and Kidd turns to Severide after being evicted.