S4 E2305/17/16
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Season Finale! Borrelli confronts Boden about his brother's death; Dawson gets a decision in her fight to become a foster parent; and Casey's political consultant makes him a startling offer.

Kind of a Crazy Idea

S4 E2105/04/16
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Dawson decides to become a foster parent to a boy she saved in a fire; Otis gets some disturbing news about his health; and Brett and Borrelli treat a college prank gone tragically wrong.

The Last One for Mom

S4 E2004/26/16
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Firehouse 51 unites to help a young boy in tragic circumstances; a high-powered political consultant helps Casey navigate a potential scandal; and Cruz makes a mistake that nearly costs him his life.

I Will Be Walking

S4 E1904/19/16
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Casey steps up to help a teenager being bullied by a gang; Severide bonds with a detective’s son after her life is threatened; and Kidd and Herrmann go head-to-head in a test of bar knowledge.

On the Warpath

S4 E1804/06/16
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Brett becomes a gunman's target after witnessing a murder; Casey faces his first tough test as alderman; and Mouch and Platt tie the knot.
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