Trading in Scuttlebutt

S5 E1302/14/17
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Boden corrects another chief on the job, making an enemy out of him; Severide mulls over his job offer in Springfield, which would bring him closer to Anna; Brett copes with her post-breakup blues.

An Agent of the Machine

S5 E1202/07/17
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Firehouse 51 is targeted by a dangerous criminal who believes Casey left him for dead in an apartment fire; Brett and Antonio face challenges in their relationship; Severide gets an unexpected offer.

Who Lives and Who Dies

S5 E1101/24/17
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Casey and Dawson deal with losing Louie in their own ways, causing tension at the firehouse; Severide pursues a relationship with Anna; a mysterious incident at an apartment fire leaves Casey uneasy.

The People We Meet

S5 E1001/17/17
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Severide resorts to drastic measures when he learns he can no longer donate bone marrow to Anna; Casey and Dawson are forced to make a difficult decision about Louie; Otis enters a filmmaking competition.

Some Make It, Some Don't

S5 E901/03/17
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Casey and Dawson face the ultimate uphill battle in their efforts to keep Louie; Severide becomes emotionally invested in saving a stranger's life; a new piece of recreational equipment divides the firehouse.

One Hundred

S5 E812/06/16
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Dawson and Casey learn that they have an opportunity to adopt Louie; Severide takes stock of his life and realizes he feels unfulfilled; Otis comes up with a once-in-a-lifetime idea to boost business at Molly's.
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