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April and Ethan Just Reconnected in the Greatest Way on Chicago Med

We need to talk about that dance scene!

By Jessica White
April Returns | NBC’s Chicago Med

Chicago Med Season 8 has placed some of our fan-favorite characters in intense scenarios. In Episode 5, titled "Yep, This Is the World We Live In," Gaffney Medical Center continued to be plagued by supply shortages, a crazed patient stormed the emergency room and attacked Dr. Archer (Steven Weber), and Dr. Marcel (Dominic Rains) was tasked with completing a lung transplant for a train crash victim. And if that wasn't enough of a wild ride, the gasps continued when it came to catching up with Dr. Ethan Choi (Brian Tee) and April Sexton (Yaya DaCosta).

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The moment many Chi-Hards have been waiting for finally happened: April visited the emergency room, placing her and Ethan in close quarters yet again. The last we saw April, she ran into Ethan while visiting his father's grave, where she confirmed she had returned to Chicago after completing her nursing degree (...and that she is single). The moment was filled with romantic tension, with many fans waiting with bated breath to see if April and Ethan would eventually reconnect. 

Naturally, their heavily-awaited reunion took place in the ER when April admitted a patient named Brock Huntley, whom she and her medical group have struggled to diagnose. Ethan is clearly taken aback by April's sudden appearance, as would anyone suddenly face-to-face with their former fiancée. April initially attempted to avoid having Ethan as their doctor out of fear of it being awkward (which it was), but Ethan took it in stride (his new M.O. as of late). 

April continued to reconnect with her former Chicago Med companions, even having a cheeky aside with Dr. Marcel. Maggie (Marlyne Barrett) invited April to go out with them later that night, and April agreed. All the while, Ethan and April attempt to wrap their minds around Brock's condition, with many of their tests returning inconclusive. 

By piecing together a couple of details from his conversations with Brock, Ethan deduces that Brock was formerly in the military. Better yet, Brock has gone AWOL after an undiagnosed case of COVID-19 compromised his ability to work. April didn't wish to disclose this information to Ethan out of fear of him reporting Brock, which is why their initial meeting was so uncomfortable.

In a moment of substantial subversion from the old Ethan, he provides April with a military lawyer to help get Brock on the right track. April is pleasantly surprised, and Ethan tells her, "I guess the world isn't so black and white anymore."

In the episode's final moments, we saw a thriving nightclub filled with dancing partiers. April entered (dressed to the nines) and spots Ethan across the dance floor, dancing to Alesso and Katy Perry's "When I'm Gone."

April coyly taps him on the shoulder before beginning to dance, with Ethan beaming as soon as he sees who has joined him. The two former flames danced intimately, instantly reigniting the fire that is Chicago Med's love for Chexton. The episode ends as Ethan and April inch closer and closer together, fading to black before we see if they go in for a kiss. 

April and Ethan coming together for a fun night out is exactly what Chexton fans have been begging for. It's a rare moment to see a carefree Dr. Choi, but April has a way of always putting a smile on Ethan's face that is simply unparalleled. After such a chaotic yet gratifying episode, Chicago Med fans have never been more excited to see what their favorite ER doctor will do next. 

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