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Kelly Clarkson, Ariana Grande, and Voice Coaches Reacting to Their Songs Is Pure Joy

Choosing to perform a Coach track is bold, but can be very rewarding! 

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The Best Performances of the Coaches' Songs | NBC’s The Voice

Performing on The Voice is always a feat of bravery, but choosing to sing a Voice Coach's song in front of them? That takes some next-level courage. 

The lineup of Voice Coaches have countless smash hits under their belts, so it's only natural for the Artists to choose a familiar track at some point. Performing these songs in front of the faces that skyrocketed them to fame can be risky but incredibly rewarding if done well. Whether the Artist serves a fun twist on the hit track or simply pays homage to the Coach's iconic style, watching the Voice Coaches realize that someone is singing one of their songs is always a blast.

Here are six times the Voice Coaches were wow-ed by ambitious Artists singing their original tracks. 

Gymani gave a powerhouse performance of Ariana Grande's "pov"

Artist: Gymani
Season 21

Choosing to sing a Grande track in front of the "pov" singer is always a bold move, but Gymani smashed her performance out of the park. Many Voice fans would agree that Gymani undeniably gave the track a new perspective, with Grande and the fellow Voice Coaches praising the choice with a four-chair turn.

Kelly Clarkson gushed over Kelsie Watts' take on Kelly Clarkson's "I Dare You"

Artist: Kelsie Watts
Season 19

"I Dare You" is a timeless song, and when Watts chose to perform the track in front of the American Idol winner herself, you could tell Clarkson was feeling all of the emotions. "That's my song!" Clarkson squealed before slamming her hand down on her button and turning her red chair. 

David Vogel's rock rendition of "breathin" left Ariana Grande speechless

Artist: David Vogel
Season 21

Grande has become an icon within the industry for her pop and R&B influences. That's why when Vogel performed a modern rock rendition of her song "breathin" for the Season 21 Blind Auditions, it was as if the air was sucked out of the room as the audience jammed along. Ariana listened in awe before grabbing Vogel for her team. 

Holly Forbes Performs Kelly Clarkson's "Because of You"

Artist: Holly Forbes
Season 21

"Because of You" is a powerful song packed with emotion, and Forbes' performance of the Clarkson track was nothing short of perfection during her Season 21 run. Grande stood during the performance to show her love and praised the song from beginning to end. 

John Legend & Blake Shelton instantly turned for Victor Solomon's rendition of Legend's “Glory”

Artist: Victor Solomon
Season 21

Choosing the song that won Legend the Academy Award that eventually attributed to his EGOT status is a bold choice. But the decision paid off for Solomon when he performed "Glory" during The Voice Season 20 Blind Auditions. Not only did it impress Legend, who typically never turns for his own songs, but Shelton also slammed his hand down on the buzzer to try to recruit Solomon for his team. 

Ariana Grande screamed in delight during Sister Trio KCK3's "No Tears Left to Cry" Blind Audition

Artist: KCK3
Season 21

Everyone loves a Voice group Blind Audition, with one of the most fun performances of Season 21 coming from the sibling trio KCK3 when they sang "No Tears Left to Cry." Not everyone can get Grande to scream out of happiness, but KCK3 made Grande instantly turn her chair.

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