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Check Out These 14 Country Singers From The Voice Who Totally Captivated Fans

These country Artists had Voice fans yelling, "Yee-haw!"

By Jessica White
The Voice Country Singer Cassadee Pope

The Voice loves a good country singer. Of course, fans of the show have seen countless talented Artists compete across genres, but country singers affect the Coaches and viewers in a specific, powerful way. Maybe it's the inherent storytelling that comes with country music or the cadence in which it's performed, but country Artists always make an impact on The Voice.

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Whether it's from red chair legend Blake Shelton, new Season 24 Coach Reba McEntire, or another Coach hoping to snag an Artist from outside their own genre, The Voice's country singers always receive a warm welcome. And, once a country Artist starts singing, all eyes are on the Coaches to see which one will snag the singer.

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Many country singers have graced The Voice stage throughout the years, and several have taken home the coveted win. Below, look back at some of The Voice's country singers who stole the show from the get-go. 


Season 2

The Voice Recaps Raelynn

One of the standout country singers from The Voice's second season is RaeLynn, who joined Team Blake. The Nashville native impressed crowds with her vibrant personality and captivating vocals, essential traits for any successful country act.

While she finished in third place, she is one of the many Artists to appear on The Voice who continues to release music and tour around the country today.

Gwen Sebastian

Season 2

Blake Shelton Advisors Gwen Sebastian

While Gwen Sebastian's time on The Voice was cut short during the Battle rounds, her country music legacy extends beyond her NBC tenure. After her elimination, Coach Shelton decided that he wouldn't allow one of his team to miss their chance to shine.

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Sebastian landed a position as a vocalist on Shelton's tour, signing with Flying Island Records shortly after.

Cassadee Pope

Season 3

The Voice Blake Wins Cassadee Pope

If we're considering which of The Voice's country singers went on to immediately wow crowds all over the nation, Cassadee Pope is one of the greatest examples.

Pope joined Team Blake during The Voice's third season, ultimately snatching the trophy and opening the door to success. Releasing her first country album, Frame by Frame, in 2013, she scored a Grammy nomination and platinum single, proving to Voice fans that she had the twang to make her stardom long term.

The Swon Brothers

Season 4

The Voice Recaps Swon Bros

Sibling duo and all-around Voice fan favorites The Swon Brothers joined Team Blake during Season 4. Playing music together since childhood, they had time to fine-tune their country melodies and performed many heartwarming tracks on their Voice run.

The brothers ended in third place but shortly after released a self-titled album and worked with Carrie Underwood's producer, Mark Bright.

Danielle Bradbery

Season 4

The Voice Blake Wins Danielle Bradbery

Shelton was on a roll when he landed Danielle Bradbery, the youngest Artist to win at the time at only 16 years old.

Her hit song "The Heart of Dixie" remains a Spotify must-play, and she is still signed to Big Machine to this day. 

Jake Worthington

Season 6

Jake Worthington performs on The Voice Episode 601

Many great country voices hail from Texas, and Season 6 runner-up Jake Worthington is one of them. Before joining Team Blake, Worthington had suffered from a sports-related injury which ultimately led him to explore his true passion: country music.

While Worthington didn't take home the win, Voice fans will never forget his iconic twang and emotional vocals with each performance. 

Craig Wayne Boyd

Season 7

The Voice Blake Wins Craig Wayne Boyd

With a background of performing in Texas and Tennessee, it was no surprise when Season 7's Craig Wayne Boyd took home the win for Team Blake.

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Tackling Johnny Cash's "I Walk the Line" is always ambitious, but Boyd knocked it out of the park during his Top 8 performance. Selling over 100,000 singles during his post-show debut, Boyd continues to make music in Nashville today.

Sawyer Fredericks

Season 8

The Voice Coach Wins Sawyer Fredericks

While Sawyer Fredericks is known mostly as a folk and Americana Artist (he's not technically considered a "country" winner), he also established himself as a solid country performer on The Voice with his unforgettable cover of "I'm a Man of Constant Sorrow."

Joining Team Pharrell at only 16 years old, he took home the Season 8 win. 

Sundance Head

Season 11

The Voice Recaps Sundance Head

Joining Team Blake in Season 11 and instantly captivating audiences with his powerful and unique timbre, Sundance Head solidified his position in the Finals and took home the season win.

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His run even landed him a gig opening for Shelton's tour. His latest album, Stained Glass and Neon, was released in 2019. 

Kirk Jay 

Season 15 

Kirk Jay performs on the voice Episode 1519A

Kirk Jay turned all four red chairs in Season 15 of The Voice with his rousing rendition of The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band's "Bless the Broken Road." Shelton instantly snagged the mesmerizing country singer for Team Blake, and Jay soared through the competition until he ultimately finished in third place.

According to his Instagram, Jay continues to amaze crowds with his unique country sound to this day. 

Jordan Matthew Young 

Season 20 

Jordan Matthew Young performs on the voice Episode 2010

Another Team Blake legend is Season 20's Jordan Matthew Young, who instantly wowed the Coaches with his unique sound. Young embraced a sonic marriage of country and blues influences, delivering several mesmerizing performances throughout his Voice tenure until finishing in third place. 

Young and Shelton's duet of George Strait's "All My Exes Live In Texas" was the perfect final set for Season 22's country-singing frontrunner.  

Bryce Leatherwood 

Season 22 

Bryce Leatherwood holding up his Voice trophy on Season 22 of The Voice

Not every country star who emerges from The Voice manages to seize the trophy, but Season 22's Bryce Leatherwood took home the gold with his energizing performances and rustic laid-back energy. Leatherwood's life-changing Voice run was highlighted by several outstanding performances, from his mind-blowing Blind Audition of Conway Titty's "Goodbye Time" to his Team Blake duet with Shelton for the Live Finale.

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Leatherwood's victory was much deserved, scoring Shelton yet another victory as Coach. 

Grace West  

Season 23 

Grace West performing on The Voice

Grace West holds the honor of being Shelton's last button-push ever, and he called her "the real deal" upon witnessing her jaw-dropping Blind Audition of Pam Tillis' "Maybe It Was Memphis."

West's quintessential country charm and magnetic stage energy made her a Season 23 frontrunner of Team Blake. West mesmerized the crowds with her Live Finale performance of Vicki Lawrence's "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia," famously covered by country icon McEntire. She was Season 23's runner-up, and her country career is only heading up.  

Ruby Leigh 

Season 24 

Ruby Leigh performs on the voice episode 2415

With McEntire as a Coach in The Voice's Season 24, it was no surprise when she grabbed several country singers for her first-ever Team Reba. The 16-year-old Ruby Leigh's Blind Audition of Patsy Montana's "I Want To Be a Cowboy's Sweetheart" scored her a four-chair turn from the Coaches but landed her on the country icon's team. 

Leigh's Battles performance of Dolly Parton's "Jolene" has further cemented her as one of The Voice's best country singers of all time. 

Originally published May 31, 2022.