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Every SNL Host Who Pulled "Double Duty" as Musical Guest

From Paul Simon to Dua Lipa — and five The Voice Coaches! these talented folks were SNL Host and Musical Guest in the same episode.

By Samantha Vincenty

Between the frantic pace of a table read, late-night writing sessions, rehearsals, and actually performing comedy on live TV, being a Saturday Night Live Host is as much a challenge as it is a privilege. And that's twice as true for those who've been Host and Musical Guest in the same episode — a feat that's known as pulling "double duty" on SNL. 

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Like the SNL Five Timers Club, the celebrities who've pulled double duty on Saturday Night Live are an elite crew. Since the show's premiere in 1975, less than 50 stars have done it. When you consider the fact that over 900 episodes of SNL have aired over 49 seasons, it's a truly rare occurrence, and one that takes a lot of guts to pull off.

As the list below reveals, two Host-Musical Guests are also members of the Five Timers Club (hint: One of them won several Emmys for their R-rated musical collaborations with Andy Samberg). Five have been Coaches on The VoiceAnd three have returned as recently as Season 49 to "only" perform as the Musical Guest

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From Paul Simon to Britney Spears, The Rolling Stones (yes, the entire band) to Dua Lipa, here is every celebrity who's been Host and Musical Guest in the same episode. You'll notice a few here — such as Deion Sanders — who technically welcomed another artist as Musical Guest. But if they also performed at least two songs on the Studio 8H stage while they were Host? It's on this list, because we're completists. 

Every celebrity who has done double duty on SNL

Paul Simon
SNL double-duty dates: October 18, 1975; November 20, 1976; May 10, 1986; and December 19, 1987

Paul Simon performing on Saturday Night Live.

Musician Paul Simon was the second-ever Host of Saturday Night Live. He's also the fourth person to host SNL five times, first pulling double duty in the show's experimental 1970s era before it settled into the format we know today (back when the show was still called NBC's Saturday Night). 

Like many early double-duty SNL Hosts / Musical Guests, Simon was joined by fellow musicians for several performances, such as Art Garfunkel in 1975, ex-Beatle George Harrison in 1976, and Graceland collaborators Ladysmith Black Mambazo in 1986.

Lily Tomlin
SNL double-duty dates: November 22, 1975 and January 22, 1983

Lily Tomlin smiles.

Comedy icon Lily Tomlin's 1975 SNL debut found her singing with Howard Shore & the All Nurse Band (she was one of the Nurses), and returned for double duty again in 1983 when she performed as a singer named Pervis Hawkins.

Desi Arnaz
SNL double-duty date: February 21, 1976

Desi Arnaz smiles in a suit in front of a striped background.

The musician and former I Love Lucy star performed his hit "Babalu" with Desi Arnaz, Jr., his son with Lucille Ball.

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Kris Kristofferson
SNL double-duty date: July 31, 1976

Kris Kristofferson smiles while performing with a guitar.

This one is a teeny bit of a technicality, as Kristofferson's then-wife Rita Coolidge was officially billed as musical guest. But Kristofferson performed a duet with Coolidge followed by a solo performance of his own — that's double duty in our book. 

Ray Charles
SNL double-duty date: November 12, 1977

Ray Charles smiles as he plays the piano.

Seeing Ray Charles perform "What'd I Say?" and "I Got a Woman" live in Studio 8H back in 1977 must have been incredible. Comedians Buck Henry and Franklyn Ajaye were also on hand to add levity.

Art Garfunkel
SNL double-duty date: March 11, 1978

Art Garfunkel performs on Saturday Night Live Season 3 Episode 13

Paul Simon's former musical partner got his own double-duty stint in 1978, with singer-songwriter Stephen Bishop as a special guest performing "On and On" (there were WAY more musical performances in the first few seasons).

Garfunkel covered Sam Cooke's "(What A) Wonderful World" in his monologue, later delivering "All I Know" and a solo version of Simon and Garfunkel's "Scarborough Fair."

The Rolling Stones
SNL double-duty date: October 7, 1978

The Rolling Stones: Ronnie Wood, Mick Jagger, Kieth Richards, Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman perform on Saturday Night live Season 4 Episode 1 on October 7, 1978.

The Rock Hall of Famers performed now-classics "Shattered" and "Beast of Burden," plus "Respectable," in an episode where the monologue was delivered by then-Mayor Ed Koch. While the band wouldn't host again, it was just the beginning for Mick Jagger, who's appeared on SNL as recently as Season 49.

Frank Zappa
SNL double-duty date: October 21, 1978

Frank Zappa wears a purple shirt in front of a purple background.

The eclectic musician had been a Musical Guest in 1976 during Season 10, and returned as Host and Musical guest two years later. Zappa performed "Dancin' Fool," "The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing," and "Rollo" — and starred in a Coneheads sketch. 

Gary Busey
SNL double-duty date: March 10, 1979

Saturday Night Live Gary Busey

This one's another technicality, as jazz composer Eubie Blake and actor, singer and tap dancer Gregory Hines, who was starring in a musical about Blake's life at the time, were billed Musical Guests. But Busey, who'd just starred in The Buddy Holly Story as the titular rocker, also performed the song "Stay All Night (Stay a Little Longer)" in the night's fourth musical number.

Debbie Harry
SNL double-duty date: February 14, 1981

Debbie Harry wears a red hoodie.

Musician and sometime actor Debbie Harry's episode is historic, though not for Harry's sketch performances.

While the Blondie frontwoman performed the songs "Love T.K.O." and "Come Back Jonee," she also welcomed hip hop group Funky 4 + 1 — and their now-classic "That's the Joint" was the first-ever rap performance to be aired on television. 

Olivia Newton-John
SNL double-duty date: May 22, 1982

Olivia Newton-John poses with a bunch of flowers.

In the Season 7 finale, the English-Australian Grease star sang her hit, "Physical," during her SNL monologue, later performing album cuts "Make a Move on Me" and "Landslide." And yes, there was a Grease parody. 

Stevie Wonder
SNL double-duty date: May 7, 1983

Stevie Wonder smiles as he performs onstage.

The iconic singer-songwriter performed "Fingertips" in his monologue as well as "Overjoyed" and Go Home," and appeared in several sketches with Eddie Murphy, who'd played him on the show previously. 

"Dion and Blair: Stevie Wonder"

Dion and Blair: Stevie Wonder

Willie Nelson
SNL double-duty date: February 21, 1987

Saturday Night Live Willie Nelson

Country legend Willie Nelson was Host and Musical guest in Season 12, during which he paid a visit to The Church Lady (Dana Carvey) and performed "The Boyfriend Song" with cast member Victoria Jackson. 

"The Boyfriend Song (ft. Willie Nelson)"

Victoria Jackson – The Boyfriend Song (ft. Willie Nelson)

Dolly Parton
SNL double-duty date: April 15, 1989   

Dolly Parton dons a blue and white outfit.

Dolly Parton's Season 14 double-duty SNL was to promote her role in 1989's Steel Magnolias, and she brought that Dolly magic to sketches and her performances of "Why'd You Come in Here Lookin' Like That" and "White Limozeen."

"Dolly Parton Monologue"

Dolly Parton Monologue

Quincy Jones 
SNL double-duty date: April 15, 1989

Quincy Jones wears a black outfit.

The renowned producer (and father of The Office alum Rashida Jones!) brought a large contingent of performers to help with the performances in the Season 15 episode, including Tevin Campbell, Kool Moe Dee, Big Daddy Kane, Melle Mel, and Al Jarreau. 

SNL double-duty date: January 19, 1991

Sting wears a black tuxedo on a red carpet.

Sting has plenty of experience on the Studio 8H stage, as he's been Musical Guest four times and hosted for a second time on March 15, 1997. His double-duty stint was the perfect '90s SNL episode: There was a Wayne's World cold open, and it was the debut of three iconic sketches: "Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey," Mike Myers' "Coffee Talk," and Rob Schneider's "Richmeister" office guy. 

MC Hammer
SNL double-duty date: December 7, 1991

MC Hammer smiles shirtlesss onstage.

Toward the end of the height of the "U Can't Touch This" rapper's fame, he was a Season 17 Host and Musical Guest—and his performance of "Addams Groove" was introduced by stars Christina Ricci and Jimmy Workman in character as Wednesday and Pugsley Addams. Hammer was also an extremely good sport about his real-life hairstyle in the sketch "Bad Haircut Support Group."

"Bad Haircut Support Group"

Bad Haircut Support Group

Deion Sanders
SNL double-duty date: February 18, 1995

Deion Sanders wears a black hat, sunglasses, and suit.

...And speaking of MC Hammer, this next double-duty host released an album on Hammer's Bust It Records in 1994 — but his music career places an extremely-distant third to his fame as a professional football and baseball player and coach. 

In another technicality, Sanders was *a* musical guest on his episode, with Bon Jovi officially billed. Yet Coach Prime also pulled up to perform two songs from his Prime Time release. Iconically, then-rapper Sanders also starred with Adam Sandler, Tim Meadows, and Michael McKean in a sketch titled "Simple Rappers" where they played...well, the title says it all.

"Simple Rappers"

Simple Rappers

Garth Brooks
SNL double-duty dates: February 28, 1998, and November 13, 1999 (as Chris Gaines)

Garth Brooks wears a black cowboy hat and poses with an Icon Award.

Not everyone can say they've performed at a presidential inauguration and pulled double duty on SNL twice, but Garth Brooks can. Brooks' second episode in two years found him performing music not as country star Garth Brooks, but as his emo-ish rock persona, Chris Gaines (the '90s were wild).

Britney Spears 
SNL double-duty dates: May 13, 2000; February 2, 2002

Britney Spears swears a black dress at the MVAs.

Like her former Disney costar Ryan Gosling, Britney Spears absolutely crushed it as a thoroughly-committed SNL Host in her two double duty turns. Her second time served as promo for Spears' starring movie vehicle Crossroads, and she starred in sketches with Amy Poehler, Jimmy Fallon, and Tracy Morgan in addition to performing "I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman." 

"Inside Barbie's Dreamhouse: Skipper"

Inside Barbie's Dreamhouse: Skipper

Jennifer Lopez
SNL double-duty dates: February 10, 2001; February 27, 2010

Jennifer Lopez attends the 2023 LACMA Art+Film Gala in a tan dress

Triple-threat Jennifer Lopez first pulled double duty in 2001, the year she starred in The Wedding Planner. She returned in Season 35 to do it again, a standout being her turn in the recurring sketch "Eternal Spark of Love" opposite Jason Sudeikis. 

"Eternal Spark of Love: Office Romance"

Eternal Spark of Love: Office Romance

Justin Timberlake
SNL double-duty dates: October 11, 2003; December 16, 2006; March 9, 2013

Close up of Justin Timberlake singing during "Dick in a Box" sketch

Timberlake, a member of the Five-Timers Club, earned his first Emmy win for "Dick in a Box" from his second double-duty episode (his work on SNL has earned him 8 noms in total). He's hosted two additional times and was Musical Guest three times, most recently in Season 49.

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Janet Jackson
SNL double-duty date: April 10, 2004

Janet Jackson during her monologue on Saturday Night Live Season 29 Episode 17 on April 10, 2004.

Ten years after her debut as musical guest in 1994, the inimitable Janet Jackson graced the stage as Host and Musical Guest, reviving her Good Times character, Penny, in a parody and playing Paula Abdul in a "Prince Show" sketch starring Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen as Beyonce and Prince.

"Janet Jackson Monologue"

Janet Jackson Monologue

Queen Latifah
SNL double-duty date: October 9, 2004

Queen Latifah swears a white suit in front of a blue background.

The rapper and actress, who previously hosted in 2003, returned for double duty in 2004 – the same year she starred in Taxi with Jimmy Fallon. Her episode included the sketch "Zinger vs. Snap" which found her and Seth Meyers playing nuclear physicists on a quest to roast each other.

"Zinger vs. Snap"