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18 SNL Halloween Sketches That Will Have You Howling With Laughter

From Chance the Rapper's "Spooky Song" to classic SNL clips you might've missed, these are so funny it's scary.

By Jessica White & Samantha Vincenty

With SNL Season 49 premiering on October 14, this is definitely a month of tricks and major treats. And when the weather cools off every year, every Saturday Night Live fan can historically count on one thing: The show's holiday sketches will be incredible—especially the Halloween ones. (They provide no shortage of Halloween costume inspo as well!). 

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From parodies of classic horror films to sketches about All Hallows Eve festivities, you never know what joke lurks around the corner while enjoying an SNL Halloween episode. With 48 critically-acclaimed seasons under its belt, the Halloween episodes of SNL have cultivated dozens of hilariously spooky sketches.

We've rounded up the most howlingly funny SNL Halloween sketches below, including the cultural sensation that is David S. Pumpkins, a "Spooky Song" from Season 23 The Voice coach Chance the Rapper, and hysterical vintage sketches you might've missed. 

Chance The Rapper dressed as a zombie on Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live's best Halloween sketches

"A Girl's Halloween"

A Girl's Halloween

"A Girl's Halloween" pokes fun at the many times we try to have a chill night only to have that night become a nightmarish ordeal. These friends (played by Aidy Bryant, Cecily Strong, and Vanessa Bayer) make a choice to have a quiet night out doesn't go as planned, and the fallout is hilarious. 

"Stranger Things"

Back when Stranger Things was first taking the world by storm, SNL turned its lens on the hit Netflix series, asking the pressing question: Where were Lucas' parents the whole time? Leslie Jones and Kenan Thompson play the parents who answer that question in one of the most hilarious Halloween parodies yet. 

"Chad Horror Movie"

Chad Horror Movie

In Pete Davidson's eight seasons as an SNL cast member, his "Chad" sketches were unparalleled. In his Scream-inspired "Chad Horror Movie" sketch, Host John Mulaney's character attempts to challenge Chad to an insidious game...but Chad just doesn't seem as invested.

"Chad in a Haunted Mansion"

Every great horror hit needs a sequel, right? Host Adele portrayed a gorgeous ghost who is trying (and failing) to scare the unflappable Chad in this 2019 sketch.  

"Spooky Song"

Spooky Song

Two-time SNL Host Chance the Rapper led the 2019 Halloween episode, and in "Spooky Song" his ghostly character had the audience laughing with a surprisingly cagey attitude about how exactly he died. The other ghosts in the graveyard are visibly annoyed until he finally spills his (humiliating) tale. 

"A Frightening Tale"

A Frightening Tale

Everyone has a horror story about getting stuck in a conversation they don't want to be in for too long. A group of friends (Seth Meyers, Melissa Villaseñor, Heidi Gardner, Alex Moffat, and Beck Bennett) sit around the campfire to listen to Meyers' horrific ordeal in this SNL digital short. 

"Office Halloween Party"

Office Halloween Party

"Office Halloween Party" makes fun of the monotony of office Halloween parties, with Host Kumail Nanjiani and the gang celebrating—until they get a harrowing call from their boss (Beck Bennett). He has horrible news: No one should eat the cake he made them, or else. And even worse, everyone already had a slice. Dun dun dun! 



What if Chucky, the killer doll from the Child's Play movies and Peacock series, worked a regular office job? That's the scenario that plays out in this sketch starring Sarah Sherman as the knife-wielding toy, and Host Jake Gyllenhaal as his stressed-out HR rep. 

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"Weekend Update: Jimmy Fallon Trick-or-Treating"

When Tonight Show Host Jimmy Fallon was an SNL cast member, he had his share of musical moments then, too—such as this 1998 "Weekend Update" appearance where he performed "Halloween carol" versions of popular '90s songs.

"Vincent Price's Halloween Special II"

Vincent Price's Halloween Special II with John F. Kennedy

Bill Hader dusted off his ace impression of classic horror film star Vincent Price for a fifth time in this sketch. Among the guests that Hader's Price welcomes to his spooky lair: Judy Garland (Kristen Wiig) and John F. Kennedy (Host Jon Hamm). 

"Ghost Chasers"

In this spot-on parody of the many ghost-tracking shows out there, a group of paranormal researchers visits a haunted mansion. The resident skeptic (Leslie Jones) has quite a few concerns, and the resulting pandemonium is hilarious. 

"Long Island Medium"

Everyone knows Theresa Caputo, star of Long Island Medium, can talk to the dead, but sometimes her paranormal communications can get in the way of her daily life. Whether Theresa is at the deli or simply going to the bathroom, she brings people to tears as soon as she inexplicably explains how their loved ones passed.  


SNL Digital Short: Firelight

This iconic spoof of Twilight technically came a week after Halloween in 2009, but it's simply too spooky to omit. Host Taylor Swift plays a teenage girl who falls in love with Phillip Frank (Bill Hader), a mysterious new student with ghastly green skin and bolts in his neck who tends to flip out anytime he is around a fire. If you ever thought Twilight needed a few more Frankenstein monsters, this sketch is for you! 

"Graveyard Song"