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14 Pete Davidson Moments on SNL That Are Truly Iconic—And Hilarious

We'll miss America's funniest Eminem look-a-like. 

Pete Davidson wearing a red wig and cowboy hat in SNL's 'Squid Game' Sketch

The Season 47 finale of Saturday Night Live marked the farewell to four long-running cast members, including Pete Davidson.

Born and raised in Staten Island, Davidson began as a stand-up comedian and joined the SNL cast in Season 40. He quickly emerged as a fan favorite thanks to his signature chilled-out comedic style. Throughout his time on the show, he took on memorable characters and buzzy topics in a way only he can. Below, we look back at some of the sketches that made Pete Davidson an SNL legend.

Pete Davidson stole the show on "Weekend Update"

While many SNL cast members star on 'Weekend Update" as quirky characters, Davidson often appeared as himself. He had a penchant for self-deprecating humor and also could find the comedy in just about any situation, no matter how difficult. 

Pete Davidson's music comedy moments are platinum-worthy

Davidson took full advantage of his physical likeness to Eminem, starring in numerous sketches depicting the rapper. In one sketch, he hilariously questioned the specifics of NFTs (the "music video" poked fun at Eminem's hit song "Without Me"). And in another, Davidson did a parody of Eminem's song "Stan" alongside Jason Bateman, who played Santa Claus. His history of playing Eminem made the actual Eminem's appearance in Davidson's last SNL episode all the more side-splitting.

Pete Davidson excels in the long-running gag

Davidson was a part of many long-running bits on SNL that audiences fell in love with throughout the years. One of the most unforgettable running gags was his "Chad" digital series, which depicted a comically laid-back dude stuck in numerous situations with high-strung partners. Davidson had audiences in stitches over his lazy responses to several chaotic situations. Whether he's talking to his mistress, a tortured professor, or even a serial killer set on murdering him, you could count on Chad to always respond with a shrug and an, "OK." 

Pete Davidson's personality shines in every sketch  

SNL has seen a wide variety of comedians throughout the years, from Bill Hader to Tina Fey and Maya Rudolph. While many cast members show up to Studio 8H with quirky characters in their toolboxes, Davidson proved that playing to your personality can be just as funny. Here are just a few sketches of Pete Davidson being unapologetically Pete Davidson.  

Saturday Night Live Season 48 will return to NBC this fall. Re-discover all your favorite Davidson moments by streaming episodes of SNL on Peacock

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