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Fall in Love with Saturday Night Live's Best Valentine's Day Sketches

From a Steve Martin classic to Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant’s “Valentine’s Song,” watch SNL’s most memorable takes on the (sometimes) romantic holiday.

By Samantha Vincenty

Of all the adjectives one might use to describe Saturday Night Live sketches—funny, surprising, irreverent, etc.—you don't often hear "romantic." Yet over SNL's 49 seasons, countless sketches have explored the lighter side of love and romance. And in February episodes in years past, the show's offered plenty of Valentine's Day sketches, mining laughs from every aspect of a holiday that's so often fraught with emotional weight and dashed hopes. 

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At its best, February 14 is a day to celebrate love, and your sweetheart if you’ve got one. But, maybe because it’s not considered a “real” holiday like Thanksgiving, Christmas, or even Halloween, those celebrations can be pretty perfunctory. Which is exactly why the fake commercial for “Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts at CVS” hits so hard.  

Below, we've rounded up SNL's best Valentine's Day sketches and Weekend Update segments plus a few more that capture the spirit of the season), from Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant's "Valentine's Song" to Kristen Stewart and Vanessa Bayer's truly romantic "Totino's" short. Happy Valentine's Day!

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Aidy Bryant, host Halsey, and Kate McKinnon during a sketch on Saturday Night Live

"Weekend Update: Garth and Kat Sing Valentine's Day Songs" (2010)

Weekend Update: Garth and Kat Sing Valentine's Day Songs

Iconic duo Garth and Kat (Fred Armisen and Kristen Wiig) wore their most festive vests to sing their new Valentine's Day songs, which they actually made up on the spot. As always, Wiig's delight at improving with Armisen is a joy to watch. 

"Stefon on Valentine's Day" (2011)

Weekend Update: Stefon on Valentine's Day's Hottest Tips

As you watch Stefon share his unhinged V-Day recommendations, never forget that in the "Weekend Update" universe, Seth Meyers and Stefon ran off together during Bill Hader's last episode as a cast member. Now THAT's romance.

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"Totinos with Kristen Stewart" (2017)

Totinos with Kristen Stewart

Vanessa Bayer's Totino's mom is used to being ignored in the kitchen as she makes snacks for her hungry guys. That all changes when one of the guys brings his beautiful sister over (Kristen Stewart), and the Totino's commercial turns into a sensual French arthouse film. 

Principal Frye: Valentine's Day Dance (2013)

Principal Frye: Valentine's Day

Jay Pharoah's Principal Frye character welcomes teachers and students to a Valentine's Day dance, where Bryce Dunham and his girlfriend (Host Justin Bieber and Nasim Pedrad) do a terrible job of selling the benefits of abstinence. 

"Valentine's Song" (2019)

Valentine's Song

When Halsey was Host and musical guest in 2019, she teamed up with Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant for a slow jam about how un-romantic gifts from moms, bosses and kids are a splash of cold water on their Valentine's Day plans. 

"To My Love" (1989)

To My Love

In the vein of his famous "Holiday Wish" sketch delivered on SNL in 1986, 16-time Host Steve Martin shares his thoughts on romance in an ultra-dry monologue the way only Steve Martin can.

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"Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gifts at CVS" (2014)

Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gifts at CVS

As Cecily Strong's voiceover points out,"you're already there buying toilet paper," so why not snag a two-dollar necklace and chalky chocolate to honor that holiday you just remembered is today? "Look no further than aisle 8..the back half. The front half is dog food."

The Love Toilet (1991)

Season 17 cast members Kevin Nealon and Victoria Johnson star in this ad for "The Love Toilet," the appliance for couples who need to be together at all times—and we mean all times.

Zooey Deschanel's Valentine's Day Song (2012)

Wearing a red dress with white hearts that The New Girl's Jess Day would love, Deschanel performed a sweet tune about that feeling when you just know your significant other forgot about Valentine's Day. 

"I bought you a sweater and baked you some cupcakes, and put on some nice lingerie / You gave me your iPod, and the cash in your pockets, and a USA Today," Deschanel crooned.

The Ladies Man: Valentine's Day Advice (1998)

Ladies Man Leon Phelps was one of longtime cast member Tim Meadows' recurring characters. Here, he provides callers with his brand of (bad) Valentine's Day-related tips.