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The Chicago Fire Crew Pulled a Ridiculous Prank on Kara Killmer and Monica Raymund

How in the world did the Chicago Fire stars manage to hold a straight face? 

By Jessica White
Brett Saves a Man Who’s Been Shot with an Arrow | NBC’s Chicago Fire

It can get pretty intense on the set of Chicago Fire, between burning buildings and high-stakes rescue missions. But may the record show: Kara Killmer and One Chicago alum Monica Raymund are not ones to break character. 

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Case in point: the hilarious throwback Instagram video posted by series gaffer and chief lighting technician, Anthony Lullo. Back in Season 6 of Chicago Fire, before Gabby Dawson left the firehouse for Puerto Rico, their characters Sylvie Brett and Dawson were tasked with visiting an apartment building. But during filming, Lullo and a few members of the Chicago Fire crew decided it might be fun to pull a prank on the actresses during the take. 

Just as Raymund and Killmer round the corner in character, Fire's makeup specialist Christopher Payne strolled down the hallway in a hamster costume, brushing shoulders with the firefighters during the take. But did Killmer or Raymund even blink at the shocking passerby? Always the professionals, the stars continued with the scene as usual. Get ready to cackle by watching the video, here.

"While we wait for tonight… Enjoy this 2017 prank on @monicaraymund86 and @karebearacares. Not sure how they didn’t break character seeing @makeupbypayne dressed as a giant hamster. 🐹," Lullo captioned the hysterical clip. 

It's a fascinating throwback considering how much the Chicago Fire landscape has changed since Season 6. For one, Dawson and Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) divorced after losing their foster kid, with many Fire fans missing Dawson since her departure. Also, Brett and Casey's friendship eventually bloomed into a beautiful relationship, with the Chicago Fire flames only fizzling out after Casey left Chicago to help his family in Oregon.

Split image of Gabriela Dawson (Monica Raymund) and Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) from Chicago Fire.

But are Brett and Casey actually over? Spencer is returning as Casey in the Chicago Fire Season 11 finale, so many Chi-Hards are curious about whether or not they'll try again. Spencer revealed to NBC Insider that he never closed the door on Casey, which may open the door to a romantic reunion with Brett.

"The idea when I left the show was that if it was appropriate and it would work with the storyline they wanted to do, I would be open — and they would be open — to bringing Casey back," Spencer said

"The storyline [in Episode 18] does allude to Casey sort of eyeing whether he could actually move back to 51. Can he potentially, in the future, rekindle his relationship with Brett and start that fire again?" Spencer asks. "We’re 'gonna have to see. Casey’s looking at it; it’s a potential thing, but we just don’t know right now. We’ll leave that to the future. We’ll throw it to the gods and see what they say."