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Chicago P.D. Clips

Halstead and Upton Let Their True Feelings Be Known - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 01/12/21
Burgess Saves a Little Girl from Kidnappers - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 01/08/21
Essential Atwater - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 01/02/21
Atwater Threatens Nolan -- Stop Coming for Me - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 12/16/20
Voight Gets Pressure from Sam to Charge a Murder Suspect - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 12/08/20
Upton and Halstead Are #PartnerGoals - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 12/05/20
Atwater Stops Voight from Roughing Up a Perp - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 11/17/20
Atwater Gets Framed for Drug Possession... Almost - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 11/11/20
Eight Things You Need to Know - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 11/04/20
Tay Urges Burgess to Be Ready - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 11/03/20
Atwater Can No Longer Stay Quiet When It Comes to Racism - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 04/17/20
Atwater Has Made Some Serious Enemies - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 04/15/20
Burgess, Rojas and Ruzek Work Through a Hostage Situation and a Cold Case - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 04/10/20
Ruzek Witnesses an Abduction - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 04/08/20
Rojas Takes Extra Precautions to Not Get Made When She's Undercover - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 03/27/20
Voight and the Team Arrest a Friend of Rojas' - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 03/25/20
Atwater Goes Undercover on a Drug Deal, and Things Go Terribly Wrong - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 03/20/20
Voight and Team Show Up to Deal with a Potential Perp and Find a Tweaker - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 03/18/20
Halstead Comes to Blows with a Woman's Abuser - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 03/06/20
Halstead and Upton Respond to an Intense Armed Robbery - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 03/04/20
Roman Delivers His Sister's Eulogy - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 02/28/20
Burgess and Roman Discover His Missing Sister - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 02/26/20
Upton and Rojas Have a Stand-Off with a Suspect - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 02/14/20
Atwater and Rojas Track a Suspect Who Pulls a Knife on a Bus - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 02/12/20
Burgess Learns if She's Lost the Baby - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 02/07/20

Chicago Fire Clips

Herrmann Is a True Friend to Mouch - Chicago Fire
CLIP 01/11/21
The Weddings from Chicago Fire, Med and P.D. - One Chicago
CLIP 01/09/21
Casey Tells Severide About His Kiss with Brett - Chicago Fire
CLIP 01/07/21
Molly's Special Moments - Chicago Fire
CLIP 12/26/20
"In Harm's Way" Original Christmas Song - Chicago Fire
CLIP 12/24/20
Behind-the-Scenes Tricks for Staying Warm from Chicago Fire, Med and P.D. - One Chicago
CLIP 12/19/20
Brett and Casey Kiss - Chicago Fire
CLIP 12/15/20
Learn the Lingo of Chicago Fire, Med and P.D. - One Chicago
CLIP 12/12/20
Mouch Has a Special Moment with Ritter - Chicago Fire
CLIP 12/02/20
Platt and Mouch = Plouch, Chicago's Power Couple - One Chicago
CLIP 11/28/20
Speeches from Chicago Fire, Med and P.D. to Get You Motivated for Anything - One Chicago
CLIP 11/21/20
Boden Wants Kidd to Take the Lieutenant's Test - Chicago Fire
CLIP 11/16/20
Casey Stays Overnight with Brett - Chicago Fire
CLIP 11/11/20
One Chicago First Look: Chicago Fire, Med and P.D. Are Back
CLIP 11/10/20
Haunted by Trauma, Mills Questions His Future - Chicago Fire
CLIP 11/10/20
9 Things You Need to Know - Chicago Fire
CLIP 10/28/20
One Chicago Love Stories
CLIP 10/20/20
Casey Confronts a Political Danger - Chicago Fire
CLIP 10/19/20
One Chicago Relationship Chart
CLIP 10/07/20
We Love the Ladies of One Chicago
CLIP 09/23/20
These Sexy Chicago Moments Really Sizzle
CLIP 08/26/20
Severide and Voight Collide After a Massive Fire - One Chicago
CLIP 08/12/20
One Chicago, One Family, One Home
CLIP 08/03/20
The Men of Chicago Fire, Chicago Med and Chicago P.D. Are Feeling the Heat - One Chicago
CLIP 07/15/20
The Evolution of Mouch and Ritter's Friendship - Chicago Fire
CLIP 07/01/20

Chicago Med Clips

Manning Asks Crockett a Personal Question - Chicago Med
CLIP 01/17/21
Essential Ethan Choi - Chicago Med
CLIP 01/16/21
April Changes the Life of an Abducted Girl - Chicago Med
CLIP 01/14/21
April Fights COVID-19, but Is It Enough? - Chicago Med
CLIP 12/09/20
Halstead and Choi Butt Heads After Choi's Promotion - Chicago Med
CLIP 12/01/20
Crockett's Emotional Confession to Manning - Chicago Med
CLIP 11/15/20
Halstead Leans on Charles as Asher Recovers from Her Overdose - Chicago Med
CLIP 11/11/20
Charles Gets Personal with Reese About Loss - Chicago Med
CLIP 10/27/20
Six Things You Need to Know - Chicago Med
CLIP 10/21/20
Manning Has Evidence That Can Keep Marcel from Getting Arrested for Murder - Chicago Med
CLIP 04/17/20
Choi Puts Himself into a Hostage Situation to Try to Save a Child - Chicago Med
CLIP 04/15/20
Choi Reaches a Breaking Point with April - Chicago Med
CLIP 04/10/20
Maggie and Ben Make a Big Decision About Auggie - Chicago Med
CLIP 04/08/20
April Cannot Understand Why Choi Isn't Angry over Her Kiss with Marcel - Chicago Med
CLIP 03/27/20
Does an Alzheimer’s Patient's Previous Wishes Override Their Current Request to Live? - Chicago Med
CLIP 03/25/20
Maggie and Ben Get Married - Chicago Med
CLIP 03/20/20
Happy 100th Episode! - Chicago Med
CLIP 03/18/20
April Finally Tells Choi About Her Kiss with Crockett - Chicago Med
CLIP 03/18/20
Maggie Gets Her Blood Tests Results - Chicago Med
CLIP 03/06/20
Jay Halstead and P.D. Surround Where an Escaped Con Holds Manning and Marcel Hostage - Chicago Med
CLIP 03/04/20
Choi and Marcel Have Differing Opinions on What It Means to Do No Harm - Chicago Med
CLIP 02/28/20
An Unexpected Father-Daughter Relationship - Chicago Med
CLIP 02/20/20
An Abused Wife Worries About Her Husband's Reaction After Surgery - Chicago Med
CLIP 02/14/20
Charles and Curry Remove a Patient's Ventilator - Chicago Med
CLIP 02/12/20
Halstead Is Concerned About a Doctor at Med Who Is a Known Addict - Chicago Med
CLIP 02/07/20
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