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Chicago P.D. Clips

Upton Wonders If She's Unfit to Be a Cop - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 04/13/21
A Young Witness Tells Upton What She Saw - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 04/09/21
Burgess' Apology to Ruzek Isn't Enough - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 04/06/21
Burgess and Ruzek: The Love Story - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 04/03/21
Ruzek's Dad Does the Unimaginable - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 04/02/21
Cooper Makes a Dangerous Decision - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 03/23/21
Atwater Schools a Trainee - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 03/19/21
Atwater and Ruzek's Partnership Is Tested - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 03/16/21
An Assignment No Cop Wants - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 03/12/21
Ruzek Grapples with Regret - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 02/23/21
Ruzek's C.I. Is Dangerous - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 02/19/21
Voight Can't Tell Halstead What to Do - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 02/16/21
Halstead Barely Gets Out of a Bad Situation - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 02/12/21
Set Tour with LaRoyce Hawkins - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 02/10/21
Burgess May Be a Mom - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 02/09/21
Are Burgess and Ruzek Together? - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 02/05/21
Voight Protects a Cop's Legacy - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 02/02/21
Halstead and Upton Save a Hostage - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 01/29/21
Essential Burgess - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 01/23/21
Halstead and Upton Let Their True Feelings Be Known - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 01/12/21
Burgess Saves a Little Girl from Kidnappers - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 01/08/21
Essential Atwater - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 01/02/21
Atwater Threatens Nolan -- Stop Coming for Me - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 12/16/20
Voight Gets Pressure from Sam to Charge a Murder Suspect - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 12/08/20
Upton and Halstead Are #PartnerGoals - Chicago P.D.
CLIP 12/05/20

Chicago Fire Clips

Severide's Recruit Makes a Potentially Deadly Mistake - Chicago Fire
CLIP 04/12/21
Voight and Boden: The Powerful Voices of One Chicago - Chicago Fire
CLIP 04/10/21
Brett and Violet Check on a Patient at Chicago Med - Chicago Fire
CLIP 04/08/21
Stella Kidd Meets Her Hero - Chicago Fire
CLIP 04/05/21
Boden Jumps into Action - Chicago Fire
CLIP 04/01/21
The Best Toasts from Chicago Fire, Med and P.D. - One Chicago
CLIP 03/27/21
Is Casey's Head Injury Career-Ending? - Chicago Fire
CLIP 03/22/21
The Best of Gallo and Ritter - Chicago Fire
CLIP 03/20/21
Mackey Considers Transferring - Chicago Fire
CLIP 03/18/21
Grainger Finally Earns Casey's Respect - Chicago Fire
CLIP 03/15/21
Sylvie Brett Hooks up with Grainger! - Chicago Fire
CLIP 03/11/21
Top Nine Fan Favorite Moments from Chicago Fire, Med and P.D. - One Chicago
CLIP 03/06/21
Sylvie Brett Asks Grainger Out - Chicago Fire
CLIP 02/22/21
The Halstead Brothers Through the Years - One Chicago
CLIP 02/20/21
Ritter Changes the Life of a Friend - Chicago Fire
CLIP 02/18/21
Mackey and Gallo Finally Hook Up - Chicago Fire
CLIP 02/15/21
Will Severide and Kidd Make It? A Critical Moment for Stellaride - Chicago Fire
CLIP 02/11/21
First-Ever Lines by Jason Beghe, Taylor Kinney, Tracy Spiridakos and More - One Chicago
CLIP 02/10/21
Set Tour with Kara Killmer - Chicago Fire
CLIP 02/10/21
Favorite Characters from the Cast of Chicago Fire, Med and P.D. - One Chicago
CLIP 02/10/21
One Chicago Trivia with David Eigenberg, Torrey DeVitto and More
CLIP 02/10/21
We're Obsessed with Stellaride - Chicago Fire
CLIP 02/10/21
Cruz Panics About Having a Kid - Chicago Fire
CLIP 02/08/21
Essential Casey - Chicago Fire
CLIP 02/06/21
Herrmann Tells the Story of His Firstborn - Chicago Fire
CLIP 02/04/21

Chicago Med Clips

Manning and Crockett Take a Big Step in Their Relationship - Chicago Med
CLIP 04/11/21
Halstead's Patient Learns He Has a Brain Tumor - Chicago Med
CLIP 04/08/21
Crockett Reveals His Past to a Patient - Chicago Med
CLIP 04/04/21
Halstead's Patient Stuns Dr. Choi - Chicago Med
CLIP 04/01/21
Manning and Crockett Are Officially Together - Chicago Med
CLIP 03/21/21
Crockett and Manning's Relationship Gets Called Out - Chicago Med
CLIP 03/18/21
Charles Tells Susan Anna Was Pregnant - Chicago Med
CLIP 03/14/21
Essential Maggie Lockwood - Chicago Med
CLIP 03/13/21
Will Maggie Give up Auggie? - Chicago Med
CLIP 03/11/21
Essential April Sexton - Chicago Med
CLIP 02/27/21
Crockett Finally Faces His Past - Chicago Med
CLIP 02/21/21
Maggie Discovers Something Surprising About Auggie - Chicago Med
CLIP 02/18/21
Crockett Opens up About His Daughter's Death - Chicago Med
CLIP 02/14/21
Maggie Wants to Adopt Auggie - Chicago Med
CLIP 02/11/21
Set Tour with Nick Gehlfuss - Chicago Med
CLIP 02/10/21
Maggie's Strength Comes with a Burden - Chicago Med
CLIP 02/07/21
Manning Tells Anna Charles She's Pregnant - Chicago Med
CLIP 02/04/21
Choi Rips into Charles - Chicago Med
CLIP 01/28/21
Will Manning and Crockett Get Fired? - Chicago Med
CLIP 01/27/21
Manning Asks Crockett a Personal Question - Chicago Med
CLIP 01/17/21
Essential Ethan Choi - Chicago Med
CLIP 01/16/21
April Changes the Life of an Abducted Girl - Chicago Med
CLIP 01/14/21
April Fights COVID-19, but Is It Enough? - Chicago Med
CLIP 12/09/20
Halstead and Choi Butt Heads After Choi's Promotion - Chicago Med
CLIP 12/01/20
Crockett's Emotional Confession to Manning - Chicago Med
CLIP 11/15/20
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