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The 8 Greatest Casey and Severide Moments on Chicago Fire

These boys know how to get into trouble! 

By Jessica White

One of the best components of Chicago Fire is the strong bonds built within the walls of Firehouse 51—especially in the case of Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) and Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney). 

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Casey and Severide—Chicago Fire's buddy duo—have, hands down, one of the greatest friendships on the hit NBC series. Casey and Severide prove how members of the same firehouse are often like family, butting heads at some points then hugging at others.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of touching moments between the two friends throughout their 10 shared seasons of Chicago Fire. Here are eight truly unforgettable scenes from their history.

Casey and Severide's constant competitiveness

Representing both the truck (Casey) and the squad (Severide), it's no shock that the two characters frequently argue about the best course of action. The constant competition keeps the two friends close and prepared for anything that comes through their doors. 

Casey and Severide jump off a burning building

Season 6, Episode 11 ("Law of the Jungle")

Remember that scene where Casey ventured to the top of a burning gas building to find Severide, who was taming a leaking gas line on the roof? Remember when they both had to dive off the roof to escape a billowing explosion? The scene is one of Kinney's favorites of all time, and we have to admit: The moment stays with you as a classic Chicago Fire shot.

Casey instructs Severide to stand down

Season 8, Episode 16 ("The Tendency of a Drowning Victim")

After Firehouse 51 pulls a car out of a frozen lake, Casey instructs Severide to stand down after the situation is deemed a recovery mission, not a rescue mission. It's a dramatic moment and leads to a tense argument between Casey and Severide. 

Severide and Firehouse 51 step in to save Casey

Season 5, Episode 4 ("Nobody Else is Dying Today")

Casey is no stranger to literally throwing himself in the line of fire to help save those who need him most. The caveat of Casey's martyrdom is that it often gets him in sticky situations, like when he compromises his safety to save a family from a toxic chemical spill. Casey maneuvers the situation like a champ, but his work family (including Severide) is on pins and needles the entire time.

Casey and Severide combine forces to track down culprits

Season 8, Episode 12 ("Then Nick Porter Happened")

Through all of Casey and Severide's bickering in burning buildings, the two firefighters also come together as a powerful duo in many episodes of Chicago Fire. One of the best examples is when Casey and Severide are determined to find the culprit responsible for ringing false alarms at a school.

Casey opens up to Severide about his kiss with Brett

Season 9, Episode 3 ("Smash Therapy")

As competitive as Casey and Severide can often get on Chicago Fire, they are also each other's best friends. There are multiple great moments of vulnerability between the two characters, but one particularly lovely scene happens when Casey tells Severide about kissing Brett (Kara Killmer), letting him know he can see a future with Brett but is fearful of moving forward. The two share some cigars, feelings are expressed, and Chicago Fire fans applauded the beginning of Casey and Brett. 

Severide and Casey have their last fire fight

Season 10, Episode 5 ("Two Hundred")

After Casey announces he is leaving Firehouse 51 to move to Oregon, Severide begins to realize what this means for his closest friend. After countless fireside scrambles based on trivial misunderstandings, after Severide and Casey fight a church fire, they realize they're experiencing their last fire fight together. 

Casey returns to Chicago to be in Severide's wedding

Season 10, Episode 22 ("The Magnificent City of Chicago")

Fans rejoiced when Casey returned to Chicago to be the best man for Severide and Stella's (Miranda Rae Mayo) wedding. It was a great moment between the two friends and also gave fans a memorable scene between Casey and Brett. 

Chicago Fire Season 11 returns to NBC on Wednesday, September 21 at 9/8c. 

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