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Taylor Kinney Says This Chicago Fire Scene With Jesse Spencer Is One of His Best Memories

We remember this one!

By Jessica White

Chicago Fire is the heart of Dick Wolf's One Chicago franchise, the flagship series that launched Chicago P.D., Chicago Med, and an NBC Wednesday-night obsession. 

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From the action-packed rescue scenarios to the emotionally-wrenching personal struggles within Firehouse 51, Chicago Fire knows how to keep Chi-Hards on the edge of their seats. While the emergencies are certainly a captivating hook for audiences, viewers have fallen in love with the show because of the complex characters played by powerhouse actors and actresses. 

Any fan of Chicago Fire likely has a few favorite scenes that instantly come to mind when thinking back on the show's run. But how about the people responsible for bringing these scenes to life? Below, see the Chicago Fire cast's picks for the show's best scenes. 

Christian Stolte loved explosively saving the day

Favorite Chicago Fire scene: Season 9, Episode 12 ("Natural Born Firefighter")

Stolte's favorite scenes as Mouch occurs in Season 9, when he rescues a little girl from a burning party store. 

Kara Killmer loved being able to goof around with Jesse Spencer

Favorite Chicago Fire scene: Season 9, Episode 1 ("Rattle Second City")

Killmer's favorite scene is in Season 9 while Sylvie plays "Heads Up" with Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer). While the pair were just friends during this point in the show, watching the two of them struggle with Australian accents perfectly sets up their romance down the road.

Alberto Rosende loved his character's action-packed introduction

Favorite Chicago Fire scene: Season 8, Episode 2 ("A Real Shot in the Arm")

Rosende loved how Chicago Fire fans got to meet his character, Blake Gallo. Casey instantly takes an interest in Blake as a candidate because he impulsively climbs five floors to save a man like it's no big deal. "My first scene was my favorite," Rosende reveals, "because I was kind of just thrown into the deep end. They were like, 'Hey, welcome to the set. This is everybody. Climb this building.' I think that was a really electric way to be introduced to a show."

Hanako Greensmith loved getting to scream it out on set

Favorite Chicago Fire scene: Season 10, Episode 8 ("What Happened at Whiskey Point?")

Greensmith is exceptional in her performance as Violet Mikami, the by-the-book paramedic who knows how to elevate any scene. While Chicago Fire fans are used to Violet keeping her composure, Greensmith's favorite scene was when Violet lost control of that demeanor after getting appendicitis. "It was challenging and very, very nerve-wracking," Greensmith admits. "But it was also very freeing to just scream."

Joe Minoso loved challenging himself with the scuba scenes

Favorite Chicago Fire scene: Season 9, Episode 16 ("No Survivors")

Joe Minoso plays Joe Cruz, a firefighter who is never afraid to throw himself into the action. Minoso's favorite scene occurs during the Season 9 finale when Firehouse 51 addresses a sinking boat in the middle of Lake Michigan, forcing the team to scuba dive. "Going in I had no idea what scuba diving was like," Minoso explains. "And by the end of it, it was just the most thrilling experience that we ever got to do."

Mirando Rae Mayo loved getting Molly's muddy with Otis

Favorite Chicago Fire scene: Season 5, Episode 7 ("Lift Each Other")

Molly's is the bar that brings all of One Chicago together. According to Mayo, her all-time favorite scene as Stella Kidd was the Mud Run in Season 5. Otis and Stella enter the freshly steam-cleaned Molly's drenched in mud and grime, causing bar owner and fellow firefighter Herrmann (David Eigenberg) to become irritated. That frustration becomes even funnier once he realizes Otis and Stella corralled all of the participants for a post-run pint. Mayo gleefully reveals, "I loved getting all dirty and just having shenanigans with Otis."

In classic Severide fashion, Taylor Kinney loved jumping off an exploding building alongside Casey

Favorite Chicago Fire scene: Season 6, Episode 1 ("Law of the Jungle")

Kinney's favorite scene occurred in Season 6 when he and Casey are closing a gas line on the roof of a burning building. Once they let go of the line, an explosion will occur. Naturally, Severide and Casey decide that they will need to jump off the roof into the Chicago River below. "They both jump off, a big fireball explodes," Kinney explains. "It's one of the best memories I've had in the last 10 years."

Chicago Fire Season 11 returns to NBC this fall. Catch up on all your favorite scenes of Chicago Fire by streaming episodes on Peacock.