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Casey & Severide Had a Moment in the New Chicago Fire That Felt Like Season 1

Casey and Severide's latest cigar chat gave Chi-Hards some serious déjà vu. 

By Jessica White

Running into burning buildings sure builds camaraderie on Chicago Fire, and few friendships have been formed as strongly as Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) and Kelly Severide's (Taylor Kinney). 

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From the debut season of Chicago Fire, Casey and Severide's friendship was one of the most emotionally compelling arcs of the series. The firefighters are fearless and dedicated, successfully extinguishing hundreds of fires during their shared time at 51. When a family emergency led Casey to move to Portland, he never failed to keep in touch with his CFD BFF. Between their heroic shenanigans when facing fires and their post-work chats paired with cigars, Chi-Hards love any moment of Casey and Severide screen time. 

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Viewers got an exciting reunion between the two friends in Season 12, Episode 6 ("Port in the Storm") after Casey returned to the Windy City for a very special occasion: his wedding with Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer). Of course, the reunion demanded a classic cigar chat.

Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) and Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) in their firefighting uniforms

Kelly Severide and Matt Casey's emotional cigar chat

For years on Fire, fans loved the vulnerable cigar chats between Severide and Casey, often enjoyed after a particularly stressful shift or a chaotic day. Historically, these cigar chats are some of the only times either men feel comfortable opening up, finally laying down the armor to discuss career goals, love lives, and their future plans.

In recent years, these cigar chats have become fewer and farther between, but as Casey and Severide's lives begin to take new shape, they found themselves back in the fold-out chairs, puffing on a cigar aside a firetruck. The scene felt straight out of an early season of Chicago Fire, but so much has changed for both of them.

"Still have your hand in some arson cases?" Casey asked, referencing Severide's recent career shift, echoing the CFD trajectory of his late father, Benny Severide (Treat Williams). His new passion has been a point of contention with his wife Stella (Miranda Rae Mayo) after Severide went M.I.A. in Season 11

"Yeah, I love it, but I was gonna give it up for Stella," Severide told him. "She thinks arson is like a drug for me. I get lost, and I start turning into Benny."

"You do," Casey told him.

"I did, before," Severide corrected. "When I really thought I might lose Stella, it was no contest. The case was a bitch, but I never lost sight of the end goal — coming home."

"I remember sitting for these cigar chats back when we were two single guys with nothing and nobody to lose," Casey mused.

Severide playfully added, "Simpler times, that's for sure."

"Pretty damn lucky now," Casey said.

"I know it," Severide agreed.

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Casey and Severide talked about their futures over cigars

Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer), Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney), Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) pose for a photo together

"We’ve been through it, you and me," Casey told him. "Hell and back together, more than a few times. I would be a lesser firefighter if it wasn't for that."

"I don't know what or where I'd be," Severide confessed. "You told me once that the [fire]house needed me. And whether I knew it or not, I needed the house. I've been thinking about that a lot in the last few months."

"You admitting I was right?" Casey probed.

"No, I just said I thought about it, that's all," Severide humorously clarified. "It's funny how we pull out cigars, and suddenly it feels like you never left."

"In a lot of ways, I didn't," Casey said.

"Getting married, a house full of kids. Bet that'll keep you busy," Severide pondered. "Feels permanent, somehow. When you leave this time."

"Sylvie and I will always come back to 51," Casey promised.

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