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Why Gallo Told Violet They Can't Hang Out Together Anymore on Chicago Fire

He made an emotional confession that will certainly change their dynamic going forward.

By Christopher Rosa
Mikami Gets Emotional About Losing Hawkins | NBC’s Chicago Fire

Gallo (Alberto Rosende) and Violet (Hanako Greensmith) have a complicated relationship on Chicago FireThey went from friends to hook-up buddies back to friends—all the while embroiled in a love triangle with Evan Hawkins (Jimmy Nicholas), who eventually became Violet's boyfriend but tragically passed away earlier in Season 11. 

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Violet is still grappling with that loss—which is why Gallo had to turn down her offer for them to have brunch in Season 11, Episode 15. Here's what happened:  

After Gallo sustains a neck injury from a fire rescue, Violet takes a serious interest in his recovery—even fetching him prescription ointments that will nurse him back to health. She's quite attentive towards him...in a way that had viewers thinking she could be into him again. (Especially after they kissed in Episode 14—there was context!—Chi-Hards were buzzing.)  

At the end of Episode 15, Violet reminds Gallo again about applying that ointment. When she worries he won't actually do what's required, she offers to come over to his place—on a Saturday—to help, then have brunch after. 

At first, Gallo seems thrilled at the prospect, but his face changes as he realizes Violet's overzealousness to help could be stemmed from her grieving Hawkins—and not actually having feelings for him. 

"It's not that I don't want to [have brunch with you], because actually, I'd love to go," he says, to which Violet asks, "So what's wrong?"

"I worry that everything you've been feeling lately isn't really about me," Gallo says. To his, a sunken Violet replies, "You think it's about Evan?" 

"Yeah," he says quietly. "I'm sorry. I can't imagine how complicated this all must be for you, Violet." And then he offers an emotional confession that will surely change the course of their dynamic: "For me, it's not complicated at all. It's really simple, and it's only about you," he says. 

Mic drop. Gallo effectively admitted to having strong feelings for Violet, and because of that, they can't hang out anymore—at least not one-on-one.

Now, how Violet takes this news is still up for debate. After kissing Gallo in Episode 14, she made a face that suggested she may still be harboring feelings, too. However, the pain of losing Hawkins may still be too strong for her to picture being with anyone else. Where their relationship goes is a big question mark—but we're excited to find out.   

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