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Violet Just Had the Most Unexpected Hookup on Chicago Fire With [Spoiler]

After an entertaining cat-and-mouse game, it looks like we have a new romance in Firehouse 51.

By Jessica White

Chicago Fire has a new (potential) romance alert between Violet Mikami (Hanako Greensmith) and Sam Carver (Jake Lockett)

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If you've watched Violet's emotional journey over the past year, you know what a big deal this is. The beloved paramedic experienced tragedy in Season 11 when her boyfriend, Paramedic Field Chief Evan Hawkins (Jimmy Nicholas), passed away. The rest of the season saw Violet attempting to rebuild her life, and up until now, she hasn't been very interested in entertaining any Firehouse 51 romances. But after Season 12, Episode 3 ("Trapped"), it seems maybe she's open to the possibility of love again. Or at least hooking up!

Here's what happened: 

Violet and Carver's chemistry became undeniable

Violet (Hanako Greensmith) in a scene from Chicago Fire.

While Carver and Violet have been on the flirting train for quite some time, their romance heated up after Carver proved incredibly useful in a mystery. After Violet and Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) set out to save a kidnapped woman, Carver was the one to notice their perp was a roofer due to the shoes he was seen wearing in a photo. Violet couldn't hold back her glee, squeezing Carver's arm with excitement upon his useful revelation. She caught herself, pulling her hand away, but Brett clocked the micro-exchange. 

"Did something happen between you and Carter?" Brett asked while the two paramedics drove in the ambulance.

"What? No," Violet said incredulously. "No, and it's not going to."

"It seemed like there was a little spark there," Brett said. "The way you touched his arm earlier, I don't know."

"There's something about him, I get drawn in. I can't help it, you know?" Violet admitted. "But I can't risk getting involved with another first responder who could end up getting killed right in front of me. Can't do it."

"Oh Vi," Brett empathized. "That’s a lot to carry."

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Violet and Carver shared their first kiss

Jake Lockett as Sam Carver in Chicago Fire

After work, many members of Firehouse 51 corralled at Molly's. Brett and Violet shared a drink, but as Violet attempted to order another round, Brett headed home to take care of her baby, Julia. So Carver and Violet ended up sitting at the bar together.

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"Can I get you a refill?" Carver asked. 

"I can take care of myself, Carver," Violet brisked. "Thank you."

"I know you can," Carver clarified.

"I’m probably done anyway," Violet shrugged, gathering her things before heading to the restroom. Violet had done this move on Carver several times, getting close and then suddenly pulling away when a moment of vulnerability might arise. But this time  Carver wasn't going to just let Violet walk away. He followed her, much to Violet's surprise. 

"This hot and cold thing you're doing, I'm starting to get whiplash," Carver told her. "I mean, just when I think we got some good energy going, you ice me out. I mean, what's your deal?"

Instead of getting into her complicated feelings for him, Violet let her actions do the talking. She kissed Carver passionately, much to his delightful surprise.

As they finally pulled away, Carver asked, "You uh...want to get outta here?"

"Yeah," Violet agreed as she whisked him out the back door of Molly's. 

Find out what happens with Violet and Carver next by watching Chicago Fire on Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC and the next day on Peacock.