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This Controversial Chicago Fire Character Could Be Carver’s New Love Interest

But is it just a hookup? Or the start of something more?

By Christopher Rosa
Severide Consoles Mikami | NBC’s Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire Season 11, Episode 15 saw the return of a character some fans find polarizing: Wendy Seager, played by Andy Allo. And while Wendy's controversy surrounds her previous supposed flirtations with Severide (Taylor Kinney), she actually has eyes for a different guy in Episode 15: Carver (Jake Lockett). Here's what happened: 

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The episode starts off routine enough. Seager stops by 51 because she's investigating a death that happened at a stable fire the squad helped put out. But as Seager continues her look into the case, Carver offers to help out. He has a working knowledge of stables, and his insights will actually be useful. That said, sparks fly between him and Seager at Molly's as they talk about the case, and Stella (Miranda Rae Mayo) notices. 

It isn't until a later scene that we get confirmation of their attraction to each other. Carver wakes up in bed next to Seager, obviously after hooking up, and they share a kiss. "It's not my fault I didn't make it home," Seager says flirtatiously. "Maybe if you weren't so distracting and fun." 

But what does this mean? Is this the start of a fling? Or just a one-time thing from spending time together on the case? We at least know it's not the latter, because the two hook up again in Season 11, Episode 16, which aired March 23. Seager flirtatiously offered to "distract" Carver after an intense fire call, which he happily accepted. So they could be friends with benefits—or maybe even love interests down the line. 

When NBC Insider asked Jake Lockett at the start of the season if there might be a potential love interest for Carver, he said, "I don't know currently. It makes sense that there would be, and I hope there is. I think that's always a fun piece to have with a character and explore.  So, I hope so." 

Whether Carver ends up getting together with Seager, someone else, or continuing his bachelor lifestyle, one thing is certain: He's been a great addition to the cast of Chicago Fire. And we can't wait to see what happens next! 

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