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Marlyne Barrett Had a Relatable Reaction Shooting a Chicago Fire Scene With Taylor Kinney

Big same!

By Jessica White

Chicago Med, Dick Wolf's medical series within the One Chicago family, is in no shortage of memorable scenes. 

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From nail-biting surgery sequences to heartwarming character connections, fans of Chicago Med never know who will walk through the doors of Gaffney Chicago Medical Center next. While the thrilling plot lines of the series keep fans on the edge of their seats, the characters and talented cast of Chicago Med are the main reason Chi-Hards keep coming back for more each season.

With seven suspenseful and addictive seasons under its belt, it is challenging to choose just one favorite scene from Chicago Med. That's why we're asking the powerhouse cast to narrow it down! Let's revisit the Chicago Med cast's favorite scenes they shot from the show. 

Nick Gehlfuss loved performing surgery with high stakes during his wedding

Favorite Chicago Med Scene: Season 4, Episode 9 ("Death Do Us Part")

Gehlfuss has countless memorable scenes as Dr. Will Halstead, but the one that sticks out the most for the actor is quite intense: "When Will is drilling a hole into a mob guy's head in a boatyard, in his tuxedo, while everyone is waiting for him at the church on his wedding day," he says.  

S. Epatha Merkerson appreciates any Chicago Med scene where the full cast can come together

Favorite Chicago Med Scene: Season 7, Episode 9 ("Secret Santa Has a Gift for You")

While playing the no-nonsense yet loving Sharon Goodwin, Merkerson reveals that she doesn't have any one scene that is her favorite but rather all episodes when the entire cast comes together to film a scene. A hospital is a large area, so getting these actors all in one room is rare. "When you're working, you don't get to see everybody," Merkerson explains. "And it's just a lot of fun when we're all together."

Marlyne Barrett loves an excuse for a Chicago Fire crossover scene

Favorite One Chicago Scene: Chicago Fire Season 5, Episode 9 ("Some Make It, Some Don't")

Barrett says her favorite scene is a One Chicago crossover with Chicago Fire in which she helps Severide (Taylor Kinney). "There's so much testosterone," Barrett says about shooting with the Chicago Fire cast. "These guys are just crazy. They carry so much gear, and Maggie comes in with her dainty little outfit." She particularly loved a scene she got to shoot with Kinney where she drew blood from Severide. "Who don't mind that?" Barrett jokes. "I want to make sure he was healthy. Healthy he was." 

Oliver Platt loved addressing a heartwarming mental health situation

Favorite Chicago Med Scene: Season 1, Episode 12 ("Guilty")

Platt's performance as Dr. Daniel Charles is always emotional, as he represents the mental health side of the medical community at Chicago Med. One of his favorite scenes (of many) occurs in Season 1, when a man is admitted to the ER after being hit by a car. Dr. Charles recognizes that the patient is actually suicidal and opens up about his personal life to encourage the patient to feel comfortable talking to him. "It was beautifully written and very moving," Platt explains. 

Guy Lockard loved being able to connect with a large crowd on set

Favorite Chicago Med Scene: Season 7, Episode 4 ("Status Quo, AKA the Mess We're In")

Lockard's favorite scene as Dr. Dylan Scott occurs in Season 7 when he comes across a hyperactive man suffering from a mental breakdown in the street. He is later diagnosed with schizophrenia, and Dr. Scott is the first person to help the man calm down so he can get the help he needs. Lockard explains, "It was such a powerful scene that everybody on set—directors, cameramen, background actors and people who weren't even supposed to be on the set—were crying."

Steven Weber loves getting to shoot any surgery scene

Favorite Chicago Med Scene: Season 7, Episode 5 ("Change Is a Tough Pill to Swallow")

Weber plays the tough-as-nails Head of the Emergency Department at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center, Dr. Dean Archer. When considering his favorite scene, Weber reveals that he doesn't have a single favorite but instead loves every surgical scene from the show. "I love the actual surgery scenes that I'm allowed to do," Weber says. "To get in and move around inside someone's torso and rearrange organs just for the heck of it is a blast."

Chicago Med Season 8 returns to NBC this fall. Rewatch all your favorite episodes on Peacock.