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The Unexpected Way Herrmann Helps Cindy Through Chemo on Chicago Fire

This emotional storyline got a surprise jolt of levity thanks to a twist in Season 11, Episode 14. 

By Christopher Rosa
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As Chicago Fire fans know, Herrmann's (David Eigenberg) wife, Cindy (Robyn Coffin), is currently battling lung cancer. And the journey ahead won't be easy. 

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"Unfortunately, we weren't able to get the margins clean," the doctor told Herrmann in a previous episode about the procedure to remove Cindy's cancer. "She made it through the surgery well, but we weren't able to get all the cancer out. We removed what we could, but we found some in the lymph nodes, too, which means we have a fight ahead of us. Next step: chemotherapy and radiation." 

In Season 11, Episode 14, we see Cindy after her first round of chemotherapy. She's in good spirits but admittedly pretty tired. She jokes about wanting a margarita, which Herrmann says she probably can't drink right now. He does, though, promise to get her "everything she asked for at the firehouse." 

"You better," she says, though what she asked for specifically is unclear. All we know is that Herrmann is decidedly more talkative at the firehouse than ever before. He's asking everyone questions—inquiring about the floater who keeps hitting on Violet (Hanako Greensmith), about Brett's (Kara Killmer) situation with Dylan (Christopher Allen). He even asks Carver (Jake Lockett) which exact finger his victim lost in a snowblower accident. 

The whole crew notices Herrmann's chattier nature. They chalk it up to him wanting to feel closer to 51 in wake of the emotional turmoil at home. However, the truth is far simpler—and funnier. 

When Herrmann arrives home from shift that night, Cindy is in bed not feeling well. 

"Did you get what I asked for at the firehouse?" she says, knowing it will be her remedy. 

"Yeah, I did. Are you ready? Are you sure?" Herrmann replies. 

"Stop teasing me!" she says, before it's revealed what Herrmann was meant to get from 51: gossip.That explains why he was asking so many people questions; he was gathering gossip to tell Cindy to distract her from chemotherapy. 

"So get this, alright? There's this floater at the firehouse; he keeps asking Violet out. So Gallo (Alberto Rosende), what does he do? He offers to be her fake boyfriend," Herrmann spills first. 

And Cindy is aghast, saying, "The two of them again? That sounds like trouble!" 

"You're telling me," Herrmann says before letting more gossip flow. "Things on the truck, they still seem a little tense, but they got the best call today," he says. "Somebody chopped their finger off in a snowblower." Cindy, unsurprisingly, is disgusted.

That said, the fact the normally-stoic Herrmann did this just so Cindy could feel better speaks wonders to who he is—not that his morality needed confirming. It's just further proof he'll do whatever it takes to get Cindy feeling better. And we love him for it. 

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