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Will Cindy Be OK on Chicago Fire? We Finally Have an Answer

The Herrmann couple was hit with a curveball this season.

By Christopher Rosa
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Christopher (David Eigenberg) and Cindy (Robyn Coffin) Herrmann have historically been one of Chicago Fire's favorite couples. They're a rock-solid pair, great parents, and have a love for each other that's palpable. However, Season 11, Episode 11 of the show (which aired January 11) threw a curveball at the twosome that may be the hardest thing they've dealt with thus far. And fans became rightfully concerned.

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The episode started off innocuous enough: Cindy was home sick in bed with a cough, but nothing seemed severe. Christopher told her to keep resting and that he would mind the kids. Thankfully, Cindy tested negative for COVID, but when her cough persisted, Christopher decided to make an appointment to get to the bottom of things. 

To rule out all possibilities, the doctor opted to give Cindy a CT scan. By the end of the episode, we knew the diagnosis: The cough Cindy was experiencing was actually a symptom of lung cancer. 

That news, understandably, punched both Cindy and Christopher in the gut. "You gotta go check that again," Christopher told the doctor. "That can't be right because Cindy here has never smoked a cigarette in her life. And I'm a firefighter. I go into smoke and chemicals all day. I'm the one that's supposed to get lung cancer. Not her." 

"I'm afraid it doesn't always work that way," the doctor replied to Christopher, while Cindy asked, "What does it mean? What do we do next?"  

"Are you sure about this?" Christopher winced to the doctor, sounding more panicked. "It doesn't sound like you're sure." 

"I'm sure, Mr. Herrmann," the doctor said before telling the couple the next steps: "I'd like to schedule a surgery for as soon as possible." 

News like that is never easy to hear. In fact, it's arguably the worst news you can ever receive. But what does this mean for Cindy? What will happen to her? Is she going to be OK? 

In a later episode, we find out Cindy's surgery to remove the cancer went well, but they weren't able to remove all of it. That means chemotherapy has to happen. 

"Unfortunately, we weren't able to get the margins clean," the doctor says. "She made it through the surgery well, but we weren't able to get all the cancer out. We removed what we could, but we found some in the lymph nodes, too, which means we have a fight ahead of us. Next step: chemotherapy and radiation." 

We see the chemotherapy and radiation play out in Season 11, Episode 15, which aired March 1. The chemo, understandably, is taking a physical toll on Cindy—and an emotional toll on Herrmann. At one point in the episode, he breaks down crying to Ritter (Daniel Kyri) about the situation. At the end of the episode, we see Cindy reassure her husband that everything will be OK—that the doctor said these physical changes to her would happen. "Trust the process," she says, which is difficult advice for Herrmann to take. 

Robyn Coffin on Chicago Fire

In Season 11, Episode 16—which aired March 22—Cindy completes chemotherapy, and Herrmann wants to celebrate by throwing a party. Cindy wants to wait, though, until they know for sure they're at the end of this battle. Platt (Amy Morton) comes in to help the couple reach a compromise. Maybe Cindy isn't ready to have a party, but she is ready to have some fun with a wig and makeup and feel better about herself. It's the first time both she and Herrmann seem hopeful about their future. 

"We're gonna do a party, but it'll be when we get the news that all of this is really over," Cindy tells Herrmann. "Because that is going to happen. I believe that." 

In Season 11, Episode 17, Cindy finally gets the news she's been waiting for: The chemotherapy worked, and she's now cancer-free. 

Does Cindy die in Chicago Fire?

After Episode 17, the answer to this question appears to be a relieving no. Rest easy, Chi-Hards, because Cindy is going to be OK. 

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