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The Brilliant Way Hawkins Helped Violet Take Down Emma Jacobs on Chicago Fire

Things were looking dicey there for a minute! 

By Christopher Rosa
Mikami Gets Emotional About Losing Hawkins | NBC’s Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire Season 11, Episode 11 (which aired fittingly on Wednesday, January 11) saw Violet (Hanako Greensmith) take down Emma Jacobs (Caitlin Carver) for good. Or at least we hope so. 

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Viewers remember that Emma Jacobs is the backstabbing EMT who tried to blackmail Hawkins (Jimmy Nicholas) into getting Violet's job at Firehouse 51. Well, her plan backfired, but like a good villain, Emma popped back up in Season 11—this time working at internal affairs. Violet—obviously worried Emma would use her newfound power to destroy 51—tried to tell Emma's boss about all that blackmailing. But because there wasn't concrete evidence, Emma's boss couldn't do anything. 

Cut to Episode 11: Violet is visited by Hawkins' cousin, who tells her to drop by Hawkins' apartment to pick up some sentimental items. It's an emotional scene, as this is the first time Violet sees Hawkins' home since his passing. In the corner of her eye at the apartment, she spots Hawkins' laptop, and his cousin tells Violet she can take it home. 

Violet said she wanted the laptop to recover old photos of herself and Hawkins—which is true—but there's another reason she's keen to have it. In a later scene, Violet reveals that Hawkins was notorious for leaving himself voice memos about everything. Everything. Maybe, just maybe, he uploaded some audio of himself talking about the Emma situation. 


Spoiler alert: He did! Right there on Hawkins' laptop, Violet finds several voice memos of him talking directly about Emma. He references the blackmailing, Emma's ulterior motives, everything. It's exactly what Violet needs to take down Emma for good and get her fired from internal affairs. 

It's a good thing this happened, too, since Emma was the one who, earlier in the episode, suggested Brett's para-medicine program go up for review (which could have ended the program). It looks like that won't happen, and it seems Emma's been defeated for good. Of course, we won't let out a complete sigh of relief. This is Chicago Fire, after all, and anything can happen. 

Watch Chicago Fire on NBC Wednesdays at 9/8c and next day on Peacock.