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The Chicago Fire Showrunners Say This Notorious Villain's Return Will Be 'Gruesome'

We're scared already. 

By Christopher Rosa
Mikami Gets Emotional About Losing Hawkins | NBC’s Chicago Fire

The Chicago Fire Season 11 midseason finale (which aired December 7th) saw the return of one of the most notorious villains in show history: Emma Jacobs (Caitlin Carver), the EMT who tried to steal Violet's (Hanako Greensmith) job at Firehouse 51 by blackmailing Hawkins (Jimmy Nicholas). (Emma knew about Violet and Hawkins' relationship, which at the time went against work protocol, and she wanted to use that information to blackmail Hawkins into firing Violet.) 

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Emma's plan ultimately didn't work out, though. During a fire, Emma showed her true colors by walking out on a victim when her own life was threatened. The move got her sacked from 51, and that was the last we saw of the conniving medic. 

Until now. Emma made her return in Chicago Fire Season 11, Episode 9, now working for internal affairs. After Carver (Jake Lockett) goes rogue on a job, Emma is brought in to assess if any real damage was done. The folks at 51, specifically Violet, are convinced Emma will take this opportunity to wreak havoc on their house—but she surprisingly does her job fairly and absolves Carver. 

It's clear, however, that we haven't seen the last of Emma. When she tries to talk to Violet like all that blackmailing didn't happen, Violet loses her cool. Given Hawkins' passing, it's not surprising Violet has a searing hatred for Emma—but how will this manifest itself in future episodes?

"After [Emma] returned, we should have just accepted that she was part of internal affairs now and tried not to mess with her. But that's not what Violet does,"  Fire's co-showrunner Derek Haas tells NBC Insider. "Violet pokes the wrong bear, and now that bear has teeth and claws more than she had before. And it's 'gonna be a pretty gruesome mauling that's 'gonna happen at Firehouse 51."

Co-showrunner Andrea Newman added, "Violet is obviously still reeling with emotion [over Hawkins] when Emma shows up. And that leads to her overstepping even though everybody is telling her not to be poking the bear, as Derek said."

Oof. Hell hath no fury like an Emma Jacobs scorned, it seems. 

Chicago Fire Season 11 will return with new episodes on Wednesday, January 4. Get your fix by watching previous Chicago Fire episodes now on Peacock.  

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