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Tina Fey and Candice Bergen Induct "Youngest Member" Emma Stone into SNL's Five-Timer's Club

"You're part of SNL her-story," Bergen told Stone, as she and Fey gave Stone her own Five Timer's Club robe-jacket. 

By Samantha Vincenty

The December 2 episode of Saturday Night Live was a special occasion for two reasons: Any time the very funny Emma Stone returns to the show is cause for celebration, and it marked Stone's fifth time hostingAs such, Emma Stone was officially inducted into SNL's Five-Timer's Club during her monologue, per tradition—and she was welcomed by two of its five female members (pre-Stone, that is). 

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Former cast member and "Weekend Update" anchor Tina Fey and Candice Bergen, the first woman to join the Five Timer's Club, surprised Stone onstage at the top of the show to give the actress her iconic velvet Five-Timer's Club jacket. But before that, they told her all about the special "Five Timer's Women's Club" section that trailblazer Bergen created.

"Welcome to the Five-Timer's Club," Fey told Poor Things star Stone, after walking onstage with a, "did somebody say Mean Girls?" plug for the upcoming musical adaptation starring Reneé Rapp

"At 35 years old, you are officially the youngest member," Fey continued. "I am the second youngest at 53." (She is not).

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Tina Fey and Candice Bergen induct Emma Stone into the Five-Timer's Club

"You're going to love it in there," Fey told Stone. "A few years ago, they even added a whole women's section. It was actually Candice Bergen's idea."

Stone turned to Bergen as she walked onstage to applause. "Wow, Candice, you created the Five-Timers Women's Club section? What's it like in there?"

"It’s got everything: Showers, a locker room, a big portrait with the eyes cut out so Martin Short can peek in," Bergen told her. 

"But doesn't the portrait work both ways?" Stone asked. "Like, could you peek into the guy's section?

"You don't want to do that—I looked in there once and saw a creepy ventriloquist with a ventriloquist dummy staring at me," Bergen replied, though Fey assured her that's just fellow Five-Timer John Mulaney. 

Bergen told Stone and Fey she's proud of what she's built: "The women's section started out as a small, quiet place to cry. But over the years, it became a big, luxurious place to cry!"

Fey just wishes the women's section existed when she was first inducted on December 19, 2015. "Things were different in the 2010s," Fey explained. "Network TV was in its heyday; my show 30 Rock was watched by 6 million people." 

"Six million people a week? Was that a lot?" Stone asked.

"At the time, no. But today? No," Fey joked.

"Anyway, Emma, this is your day," Bergen chimed in. "You're part of SNL her-story!"

"Now it's time to get your official Five-Timers Club jacket!" Fey announced, as Stone slipped on the velvet-y robe-like garment. 

"Thank you. This is amazing," Stone told Fey and Bergen. "This has been a dream of mine since I was a kid, and it means so much that I get to share this moment with you guys."

Then she fished in the pocket. "Is this a joint?" 

"Oh, that must be Woody Harrelson's jacket," Bergen explained.

Watch Emma Stone's Five-Timer's Club induction above. 

Tina Fey, Emma Stone and Candice Bergen stand on stage during saturday night live episode 1850

How many times has Emma Stone hosted SNL

Emma Stone Is Joining the SNL Five-Timer's Club

Five times! December 2 was her fifth time hosting.

Emma Stone first hosted Saturday Night Live on October 23, 2010.

Stone subsequently returned to host on November 12, 2011, and again on December 3, 2016; April 13, 2019; and December 2, 2023.

Who is Emma Stone married to?

Dave McCary.

As Stone explained in her monologue, she met her husband Dave McCary on the set of SNL. 

A longtime writer and director on Saturday Night Live, McCary first crossed paths with Stone when she hosted in December 2016. McCary directed Stone in the fan-favorite "Wells for Boys" sketch from that episode.

Wells for Boys

Today, Stone and McCary have a production company together, Fruit Tree, launched in 2020.