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Watch Emma Stone's SNL Sketches and Monologue from December 2

It was the Poor Things actress's fifth time hosting SNL, and Stone delivered yet another hilarious episode. 

By Samantha Vincenty

Emma Stone hosted Saturday Night Live on December 2 with musical guest Noah Kahan, and she was officially inducted into the Five Timer's Club. 

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"It has always been my favorite show, and since I started hosting, it's also become just a huge part of my life," Stone said at the top of her monologue.

"I've made so many memories here and so many friends, and I even met my husband at SNL," Stone continued, referring to Dave McCary, who Stone met when he was a director on the show when Hosted in 2016. "And I know he's pretty camera-shy, he's not a performer, but it's such a special night for us, I would love for the cameras to cut to him if that's okay. I love you so much, honey!" (In a fake-out, the camera cut to SNL creator Lorne Michaels.)

Fellow Five-Timers Tina Fey and Candice Bergen then joined Stone onstage to induct Stone into the Five-Timer's Club, telling her all about the "special women's section." Stone also revisited her "Posters" and "Dorm Room Posters" sketches from shows past with a brand-new new installment, and showcased her physical comedy talents in the "Make Your Own Kind of Music" sketch. Meanwhile, Bowen Yang's George Santos said farewellprobably—following the politician's real-life expulsion from Congress.

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Watch all of Emma Stone's December 2 sketches below.

Tina Fey, Emma Stone and Candice Bergen stand on stage during saturday night live episode 1850

Watch Emma Stone's SNL Sketches

December 2 Cold Open: George Santos Expelled

George Santos Expelled Cold Open

Bowen Yang put in his final (???) impression of now-former New York congressman George Santos, delivering a Santos-style version of Elton John's "Candle in the Wind" at a press conference (complete with a prop baby).

Emma Stone's Five Timer's Club Induction

Watch above.

Question Quest 

Question Quest

In this game show, the prizes are less "prizes" and more of a burden, much to Stone's character's dismay.

Fully Naked in New York

Fully Naked in New York

In this musical pretaped sketch, Stone and cast members including Stone, Chloe Troast and Marcello Hernández sing a super-relatable ode to "riding in the back of a garbage truck fully naked in the middle of New York City at 11 a.m. (with my ass hanging out in the middle of Broadway)," and toiling at a construction site in the buff. Just a New York-style stress reliever that all residents definitely enjoy!

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Tree-Lighting Gig

Tree Lighting Gig

This tree-lighting gig sketch feels reminiscent of Kenan Thompson's "What's Up with That?" sketches, and that's never a bad thing.

Please Don't Destroy: AI

Please Don’t Destroy - AI

The Please Don't Destroy boys harness technology to "seamlessly replace" lost footage of Emma Stone using AI footage of a stand-in (cast member Punkie Johnson). Seamlessly!

What's in the Kiln?

What’s in the Kiln?

Emma Stone's talent for playing weirdos has come in very handy over her five stints on SNL, and her work in this sketch about amateur potters is the latest shining example. 

Make Your Own Kind of Music

Make Your Own Kind of Music

New Season 49 cast member Chloe Troast's voice continues to prove a secret weapon, portraying 1960s The Mamas & the Papas singer Mama Cass. As Cass records her solo single, a sleazy manager (Emma Stone) and her cronies act out how the song, "Make Your Own Kind of Music," will become a go-to track for horrifying moments on film. 



With Hernandez stepping into the role formerly played by Pete Davidson, a young man who's trying to study is distracted by a sexy "mechanic" lady (Emma Stone), David Beckham (Mikey Day) and several philosophers. 

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