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These Chicago Fire Fan Theories Will Get You Pumped for the Season Finale

Are you thinking what they're thinking?

By Tayi Sanusi

With the season finale of Chicago Fire fast approaching, audiences are dying to know what will happen to their favorite characters. Here are some juicy fan theories about what might be in store. 

The new lieutenant: 

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Per a Chicago Fire NBC video (watch above), a fan on YouTube has been thinking about who will be the new lieutenant of Truck 81. “I wonder if Mouch is going to be lieutenant of 81 now,” they wrote in a comment. Now wouldn’t that be an iconic rise in rank for lovable Mouch? Sadly, the theory was quickly squashed by actor Christian Stolte.

“No, Mouch is not going to be the lieutenant of anything,” said Stolte in the NBC video. “...I think the plan for the character from the very beginning was to have one guy who’s served 30-something years in the C.F.D as a ground level, blue-collar grunt type who started that way and retired that way. That’s what they want from me, I don’t think they ever want Mouch to be a lieutenant.” 

The Violet-Gallo-Hawkins love triangle: 

Fans are also eager to know how the love triangle between Violet, Gallo, and Hawkins will pan out. A fan on Instagram made a not-so-surprising prediction: “Violet and Gallo…will actually go on a date.” 

According to Hanako Greensmith, who plays Violet Mikami, the two are certainly due for some romantic time off the clock. “Wouldn’t that be so nice if they went on, like, a normal date?" said Greensmith. "It would be really interesting to see them existing as a normal, romantic couple outside of the firehouse because I think every aspect of their relationship has been abnormal.”

Blake Gallo actor Alberto Rosende agreed that it would be beyond satisfying to watch Violet and Gallo go on a real date. “That would actually be a lot of fun if they went to, like, a baseball game or a hockey game,” he said. But with Violet and Hawkins recently exchanging "I love yous," a date with Gallo now seems unlikely. 

But seriously, who will be the new lieutenant?

Per the NBC video, one fan on Facebook is rooting for Kidd. “Genuinely hope to see Kidd take over as truck lieutenant,” they wrote. Well, it turns out Stella Kidd actor Miranda Rae Mayo is hoping for the same thing. 

“That’s what’s up,” said Mayo in response to reading the comment. “Me, too!”

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