Last Minute Resistance

S4 E1904/05/17
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After Burgess' sister Nicole is brutally assaulted, the team lends their full focus to catching the rapist; Burgess takes an active role in the investigation despite Voight's concerns

Little Bit of Light

S4 E1803/29/17
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A crime videographer is found dead, with his equipment and data destroyed - and the murder shows connections to a wealthy Chicago family with a long legacy; Burgess' sister Nicole visits while going through a tough time at home.

Remember the Devil

S4 E1703/22/17
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The team tries to catch a kidnapper whose victim isn't telling the full truth; Halstead hides a heartbreaking secret from Lindsay; Olinsky returns after suffering the loss of his daughter.

Emotional Proximity

S4 E1603/01/17
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Voight and team conduct an investigation in search of an arsonist who killed dozens of partygoers in a factory fire; meanwhile, Olinsky copes with the possibility that his daughter will never wake up from her coma.

Favor, Affection, Malice or Ill-Will

S4 E1502/22/17
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On a tip from Lindsay's informant, Olinsky plays hit man to catch a man who wants to avenge his daughter's death; when it turns out his target is innocent, the team scrambles to find the real killer. Meanwhile, Ruzek's return shakes up the precinct.
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