Favor, Affection, Malice or Ill-Will

S4 E1502/22/17
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On a tip from Lindsay's informant, Olinsky plays hit man to catch a man who wants to avenge his daughter's death; when it turns out his target is innocent, the team scrambles to find the real killer. Meanwhile, Ruzek's return shakes up the precinct.

Seven Indictments

S4 E1402/15/17
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A case of mistaken identity reveals a lifetime of deception; Platt faces a shocking health scare; rumors circle the team about one of their own, who may not be as trustworthy as he seems.

I Remember Her Now

S4 E1302/08/17
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After a resident of a young women's treatment center turns up dead, Halstead takes on an uncomfortable undercover assignment that puts his loyalties to the test.


S4 E1201/18/17
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Two young murder suspects achieve sanctuary in a church, leading to a standoff between Intelligence and parishioners and attracting heavy media attention; Voight will stop at nothing to ensure the victim's killer is brought to justice.

You Wish

S4 E1101/11/17
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After a sex offender is found dead and mutilated, the Intelligence Unit realizes his injuries don't align with his cause of death, leading the team on an unexpected pursuit; Halstead forces Lindsay to confront the truth about her biological father.

Don't Read the News

S4 E1001/04/17
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A young woman's murder shows apparent links to a series of unsolved killings, but it may be more complicated than it appears; Lindsay agrees to meet her biological father, while Halstead insists on investigating his background.
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