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Marina Squerciati Reveals if Burgess and Ruzek Will Actually Stay Together This Time

The Chicago P.D. actress explains what's in store for Burgess and Ruzek after they got engaged — again.

By McKenzie Jean-Philippe

In the words of Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati), third time's a charm. 

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Chicago P.Dfans that have made it to the end of Season 11, Episode 3's "Safe Harbor" know that Squerciati was not exaggerating when she teased that this week would mark a "big, big, big, big Burzek episode." That's because Burgess and Adam Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger), who rekindled their historically tumultuous romance in Season 10, got engaged. Again. And this time, it's probably going to stick.

The answer to your biggest Burzek questions below, and a breakdown of that proposal scene.

Will Burgess and Ruzek stay together?

"The bait and switch for Ruzek and Burgess are over," Squerciati reassures NBC Insider. "They'll go through stuff, but they're together now. They're the couple that we rely on... They're each going to go through things as one does in life and in marriage. But we're safe. I think we're safe."

Yes, Burzek shippers can breathe a sigh of relief. They are officially endgame.

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Burgess and Ruzek's engagement in Season 11, Episode 3

Patrick John Flueger as Adam Ruzek, Marina Squerciati as Kim Burgess

Though understated and spur of the moment, Burgess and Ruzek's engagement was incredibly heartwarming. It came after Burgess finally wrapped her most recent case, which saw her and the Intelligence Unit arrest a police officer who'd arranged for the murder of a woman he raped, who was also a Venezuelan migrant.

"They're just fighting for the same thing that everybody's fighting for," she reflected when speaking to Ruzek at the end of the episode. The two are seen winding down from the day in their bedroom. "A home, a family. What we have now. And I know that we fought like hell for it, but still it just, it doesn't seem fair. Promise me we'll keep fighting for this, because I need this Adam. I need this family."

Clearly moved by his girlfriend's words, Ruzek casually heads to his bedside table where he gets — surprise, surprise — a ring!

"Yeah, I'll keep fighting for it for the rest of my life," he responds. "I was gonna do a whole thing here, but this seems better. Let's get married. Let's make it forever."

Sitting on the bed beside her, Ruzek opens his palm to reveal the ring and waits for her answer.

It's the perfect way for this couple that knows they want to be together forever, to be together forever.”

Marina Squerciati

Her reply? "Third time's a charm, huh?" He then slides it onto her finger and asks if it fits, to which she responds: "It's perfect."

He gives her a tender forehead kiss... and we're all crying.

The moment was simple, but romantic, which Squerciati explains was a perfect fit for both the tone of the show and the couple.

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Chicago Pd Burgess Ruzek Reunion2

"It's so where they are in life, you know?" the actress tells us. "They have a kid. They live together. They've been on and off. What I love about P.D. is it's so realistic. It's just, like, sitting in bed, and like, 'We love each other, let's do this.' It's the perfect way for this couple that knows they want to be together forever, to be together forever."

And after getting engaged in both Seasons 2 and 7, why exactly is now the right time for Burzek to make it official?

"They're just a cozy, comfortable couple. They've been through everything. There's nothing they haven't been through," Squerciati says. "I think that we've grown comfortable in our characters, in our skins, and that's really helped. I also think before, it was such a rocky, tumultuous relationship, they never should have gotten engaged. But because they've been through everything and managed to stay together, it does seem like they've proved their mettle. They've been through the fire, they're ready."

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Will there be a Burgess and Ruzek wedding?

Marina Squerciati As Kim Burgess Patrick John Flueger As Adam Ruzek in Chicago P.D.

It looks like we'll have to wait a little longer for the actual nuptials, as there are currently no plans for a ceremony in Season 11.

"I was just asked if there'll be a wedding, and I don't even know that. I don't think so," Squerciati says. "It's always possible for the next season. But we are never told anything."

But when Burzek's Big Day does come, don't expect a beautiful church wedding like April and Ethan's on Chicago Med or Stellaride's romantic, chaotic boat ceremony on Chicago Fire.

"I don't know. P.D.'s a much darker show. So maybe I'll be [wearing a] black wedding dress or something," Squerciati jokes.