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Sarah Sherman Found a New Way to Torment Colin Jost As His "Son" on "Weekend Update"

Jost played along during Sherman's "Update" desk visit as CJ Rossitano, a young character who bears striking similarities to the anchor. 

By Samantha Vincenty

In her three years as a Saturday Night Live cast member, Sarah Sherman has been a memorable "Weekend Update" guest. She's brought a range of hilarious characters to the "Update" desk, including meditation guru Genesis Fry and Hollywood agent J.J. Gordon. Sherman's also appeared as herself several times to serve Jost a brutal roasting—and to Jost's credit, he gamely plays along every time. Sherman's "Weekend Update" appearance on Ayo Edeberi's February 3 episode was no exception, as she introduced a new character who is almost certainly Colin Jost's "son."

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As Jost explained in his intro, Sherman's CJ Rossitano popped by "Weekend Update" to discuss what it's like to win the annual Saturday Night Live ticket lottery. But as Jost and anyone with the gift of sight soon noticed, CJ and Jost bore more than a few eerie similarities. The only difference between their outfits was CJ's visitor badge, for one, and they happened to sport matching hairstyles. 

"Are you here with your mom and dad?" Jost asked CJ. 

"I wish! I never met my dad...or at least I don't think I have," Sherman's character replied, turning to peer meaningfully at a laughing Jost. 

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"But it's such an honor to be here, Mr. Colin, and it's so close by," CJ continued. "Me and my mom live right over on 47th and fifth."

"Oh, wow, that's funny," Jost said. "That's where my former housekeeper lived."

"What a coincidence, Colin! My mom's a former housekeeper," CJ replied, as the not-so-subtle sounds of Harry Chapin's ode to paternal neglect, "Cat's in the Cradle," played in the background. 

Sarah Sherman and Colin Jost during the weekend update on Saturday Night Live Episode 1855

Colin Jost plays along with Sarah Sherman's father-son bit on "Weekend Update"

As CJ Rossitano shared more wild—and wildly unflattering—similarities to Jost, the two had a revelatory moment. 

"Don't you sometimes just feel like you're better than everyone else? Even when there's no reason to feel that way?" the two said in unison, Jost now laughing hard as Sherman pulled them both toward a close-up, "Cat's in the Cradle" blaring once again in the background. 

"Well, it's been great having you, son—I mean..." Jost faux-stammered at the end of the segment. 

"DAD?!" CJ cried out. Sherman and Jost closed out with a genuine hug.

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In a recent video recounting his own debut on "Weekend Update,"  Marcello Hernández said, "the coolest thing about 'Update' is that you just come in with like, a stand-up joke and then you'll have this moment of back-and-forth with Colin," adding that the producers "do a good job of making Colin come back at you in some way."

Sherman's "Weekend Update" segments have typically found Jost being particularly generous in that regard, often gamely agreeing to be the butt of the joke. And Jost, who broke Seth Meyers' record as longest-serving "Weekend Update" anchor in the show's history, seems happy to do it. 

As Sherman noted on her Instagram post about the segment, it was written with Please Don't Destroy's Martin Herlihy, John Higgins, and Ben MarshallSNL writer Dan Bulla, and "all of Weekend Update."

Sarah Sherman and Colin Jost during the weekend update on Saturday Night Live Episode 1855

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