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Dakota Johnson and Please Don't Destroy Roast Each Other Mercilessly in This Viral SNL Sketch

Johnson's dry sense of humor is put to excellent use in the jaw-dropping Please Don't Destroy sketch (the "nepo truce" alone is priceless).

By Samantha Vincenty

In addition to her acting talents, Dakota Johnson is well known for a couple of things. There's her famously dry sense of humor, for one (Exhibit A: "that's not the truth, Ellen."), and Johnson also makes no secret of her famous parents Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith. Both of these came into play during Please Don't Destroy's "Roast" sketch on the January 27 Saturday Night Live, when the claws came out in a vicious exchange of burns between the Madame Web star and PDD's John Higgins, Ben Marshall, and Martin Herlihy. 

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As with past sketches featuring Hosts like Bad Bunny and Pete Davidson, "Roast" opens with Johnson dropping by the Please Don't Destroy boys' office for a writing session. But Johnson quickly, and brutally, lets them know she's not feeling their whole thing. 

"I've seen all your videos," Johnson tells the trio, with a giant smile. They're really...not for me." The looks on Please Don't Destroy's faces are priceless. 

"Not how i expected you to come in here," Marshall responds. "Must be that dry sense of humor." (See?!) Their exchange escalates quickly, turning into a roast soothed only by a "nepo truce." It's an absolute joy to watch. 

Despite the hilariously acidic jabs between the two, it's clear that Johnson and Please Don't Destroy don't share this animosity in real life. The comedic chemistry between them is simply too good—good enough for us to crave a sequel. 

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Dakota Johnson during her promo shoot for Saturday Night Live

Dakota Johnson and Please Don't Destroy Call a "Nepo Truce" on SNL

PPD try to keep things moving, pitching Johnson a sketch where one of them plays her boyfriend. 

"That's the first funny thing you've ever said," Johnson says. "Is it like a make-a-wish thing? Does my character have brain damage?"

"Did we do something to offend you?" Herlihy asks.

"No! I've always wanted to meet The Lonelier Island," Johnson replies. ZING!

A Johnson vs. PDD roast officially ensues from there.

"Well hey, I've always wanted to meet the star of Madame Web," Higgins retorts. "Can you introduce me to Sydney Sweeney?"

"What's her superpower? Is it whispering in monotone?" Marshall chimes in.

"How does it feel to be in the least viral Taylor Swift video she's had?" Johnson fires back.

Please Don’t Destroy - Three Sad Virgins (ft. Taylor Swift)

"Do you still have to audition, or do they give you the part as soon as Aubrey Plaza says no?" Herlihy says. 

As things start to get ugly to the point of no return, Johnson, Higgins, and Herlihy decided to call a "nepo truce," touching the silver "nepo baby" rings that every child of a famous person has in this sketch's universe.

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John Higgins' father is Steve Higgins, longtime SNL writer and current announcer for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, while Martin Herlihy's dad Tim Herlihy was also an SNL writer who co-wrote Happy Gilmore with Adam Sandler. Ben Marshall's parents are not famous, which is why PDD knocks his hand out of the nepo truce circle. 

"A foot in the door, and so much more," Johnson, Higgins, and Herlihy recite, as a magic beam of light flares between them.

"Hate when you guys do that," Marshall mutters.

Watch Please Don't Destroy's "Roast" sketch with Dakota Johnson above.