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Watch Dakota Johnson's SNL Sketches and Monologue from January 27

Madame Web star Johnson's monologue was interrupted by Justin Timberlake, who seemed confused about who was hosting.

By Samantha Vincenty

Madame Web star Dakota Johnson returned for her second time hosting Saturday Night Live on January 27—though it seemed to be news to musical guest Justin Timberlake, who popped onstage in a hilarious bit (watch Timberlake's performances of "Sanctified" and "Selfish" here). 

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Johnson opened her monologue by sharing that the last time she hosted, it was just after SNL's 40th anniversary celebration. Johnson shared a photo from that historic event, which she also attended. 

"Look at this collection of people: Sarah Palin, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg—and look who's sitting right behind me," Johnson said, pointing out former president Donald Trump smiling at the sketches from the audience. 

"It's just crazy to be standing so close to someone who would become the most powerful person in America," Johnson continued, as the camera panned to Taylor Swift, who was also in the audience. 

Then, when Johnson noted that she and Timberlake were both in the film The Social Network, the singer took it as his cue to enter stage right to thunderous applause.

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"You're the musical guest," Johnson reminded Timberlake. 

"Okay. Well if you want me to be in sketches, I have hosted five times," Timberlake added. 

"Either way, I'm so happy you chose my show for your comeback," Johnson zinged. 

As the two bantered back and forth, Jimmy Fallon rushed onstage in his full Barry Gibb getup. 

"Are we doing it?!" Fallon asked Timberlake (they did revive their "Barry Gibb Talk Show" sketch later in the show). "I'm here to say break a leg. These are my normal clothes."

Watch all of Dakota Johnson's SNL sketches—including a standout Please Don't Destroy sketch—below. 

Justin Timberlake joins Dakota Johnson during her monologue on Saturday Night Live Episode 1854

The Barry Gibb Talk Show: 2024 Election

The Barry Gibb Talk Show: 2024 Election

Timberlake and Fallon donned their white suits to revive their Robin Gibb and Barry Gibb impressions, respectively—and the two friends clearly still love collaborating onscreen. 

Dakota Johnson's Monologue Featuring Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon

Dakota Johnson Monologue

NFL Championship Sunday Cold Open

NFL Championship Sunday Cold Open

In the latest Sunday NFL football panel including Jim Nantz (James Austin Johnson) and Tony Romo (Andrew Dismukes), the sports anchors realize how empty their life will be without the "real" football season (and the soon-to-conclude police procedural Blue Bloods) before the Super Bowl. It culminates in a song parody of Charlie Puth and Wiz Khalifa's "See You Again," singing wistfully about the time "when there's football again."



Why is a waiter's refusal to write anything down so stressful? Sarah Sherman and Dakota Johnson present the answer in this sketch, playing servers who REALLY can’t seem to get a family’s dinner order remotely right.

Home Videos

Home Videos

A boy’s parents show their son a "nostalgic" clip of the day his dad learned he was a father...on set of a Jerry Springer-esque talk show that revealed paternity test results. Mikey Day and Dakota Johnson are pitch-perfect in the 1990s-set footage. 

Please Don't Destroy: Roast

Please Don't Destroy - Roast

Dakota Johnson and the Please Don't Destroy boys have an absolutely vicious burn-fest in this standout sketch from the evening. Already want a sequel immediately. 

Big Dumb Cups

Big Dumb Cups

The sequel to Big Dumb Hat satirizes the Stanley cup trend that has some TikTok trend-chasing women obsessing over the giant drinking vessels.

Chloe Fineman, Host Dakota Johnson and Heidi Gardner during the Big Dumb Cup SNL Sketch

Book Club

Book Club

Featuring cameos from Shark Tank judges Barbara Corcoran and Mark Cuban. 

Lost Bag