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How to Watch NBC's Superstore

You never know what will happen next when shopping at Cloud 9. 

By Jessica White

NBC's Superstore is a side-splitting workplace comedy that follows a unique group of employees at the big box megastore, Cloud 9. While the characters initially join Cloud 9's ranks as strangers, they quickly learn to become family as they collectively tackle some of the craziest customers ever seen. 

At the center of the chaos is Jonah (Ben Feldman), an optimistic sales associate with a passion for helping his coworkers whenever possible. Managing the store is Amy (America Ferrera), a longtime employee-turned-supervisor who wears a different name tag each day so fewer customers know her name. Joining Amy and Jonah is a talented cast of characters, including the sarcastic Garrett (Colton Dunn), the well-meaning Glenn (Mark McKinney), the aggressive assistant manager Dina (Lauren Ash), and many other entertaining faces behind the blue uniform. 

Considering the new hires, seasonal hires, and sales veterans that join the Cloud 9 team, you never know what will happen next on Superstore. Cloud 9 employees are constantly combatting hysteria-inducing sales, pesky bargain hunters, and the general day-to-day grind that anyone who has ever worked in retail or sales can understand all too well. 

Spanning across six fun-filled seasons, Superstore never fails to provide a funny take on many of the realistic situations superstore employees face. Perfectly capturing what it means to become close with those coworkers that understand your struggles most, Superstore boasts just as much heart as it does hilariousness. The series finale aired in 2021 after six seasons, with every episode currently available to watch. 

How to watch episodes of NBC's Superstore

All six seasons of Superstore are currently available for streaming at NBC.com and Peacock

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