S3 E901/11/18

Golden Globes Party
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When everything that can go wrong at Amy's Golden Globes party does go wrong, Dina makes the ultimate sacrifice to prove the party is not a total bust.

S3 E801/04/18

Viral Video
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Amy is perplexed by Kelly's popularity on social media; Dina and Cheyenne discover a mutual affinity for work gossip; and Mateo doubles down on a lie when Glenn confronts him.

S3 E712/05/17

Christmas Eve
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On Christmas Eve, Amy goes out of her way to prove she can let loose; Garrett and Jonah fight while playing Santa and his elf; and Glenn pulls out all the stops to show Mateo some holiday magic.

S3 E611/02/17

Health Fund
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Amy and Jonah learn just how hard it is to make health care work when they create a new plan for their fellow employees, and Glenn turns to Dina for help with an embarrassing medical condition.

S3 E510/26/17

Sal's Dead
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A dead body is found in the drywall, making for an extra-creepy Halloween at Cloud 9, and Amy creates an awkward situation when she messes with Jonah's online dating profile.

S3 E410/19/17

Workplace Bullying
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Confronted by a robber, Jonah freezes while Dina springs into action. Meanwhile, Glenn struggles to fire Cloud 9's lax security guard, and Amy angles for an invite to trivia night.
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