S3 E1503/15/18

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Glenn and Dina discover their employees' dark sides when they offer amnesty for anyone who confesses their misconduct; meanwhile, the staff teases Amy and Jonah mercilessly about their kiss, and Mateo attempts to contact Jeff.

S3 E1403/08/18

Safety Training
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Amy attempts to prove she likes Kelly by covering for one of her mistakes; Garrett makes a deal with Marcus; and Jonah helps Mateo deal with a workplace injury.

S3 E1303/01/18

Video Game Release
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Amy and Jonah's quest for a popular new video game takes them on an adventure through the bowels of the store; Garrett struggles to keep his cool while meeting a personal hero; and Glenn and Sandra attempt to be more assertive.

S3 E1202/01/18

Groundhog Day
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Amy attempts to jump back into the dating game and prove she's still got it; Jonah and Kelly take a crack at being store announcers; and Dina works hard at relaxing.

S3 E1101/25/18

Angels and Mermaids
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Amy butts heads with Cheyenne's ex-convict mom over planning a birthday party; Jonah is disturbed to learn Kelly believes in angels; and a disagreement between Glenn and Dina escalates quickly.

S3 E1001/18/18

High Volume Store
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Cheyenne can't figure out how to back out after accidentally agreeing to be a surrogate for Glenn and his wife; and Jonah is suspicious when Jeff announces their store is getting an upgrade, so he takes Amy and Dina on a mission to investigate.
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