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NBC Insider Lopez vs Lopez

Where to Watch Lopez vs Lopez

Get ready to laugh!

By Megan Lasher & Tayi Sanusi
There's the Right Way and There's "The Lopez Way" | NBC's Lopez vs. Lopez

Lopez vs Lopez — starring George Lopez and his daughter, Mayan Lopez — has been bringing so much joy to fans since its premiere in November 2022. 

How to Watch

Watch Lopez vs Lopez on NBC and Peacock

The father-daughter duo play fictional versions of themselves in this heartfelt comedy that explores the ups and downs of navigating parent-child relationships when both parties are adults.

Here's everything you need to know about streaming the show before its Season 2 premiere in 2024.

How can I watch and stream Lopez vs Lopez?

Luckily for anyone who missed the show’s linear airing, it’s easy to stream online on both NBC.com and Peacock

Fans don’t even need a Peacock account to watch the show: All 22 episodes are currently unlocked on the NBC site, offering free access to a full season of laughs. 

Lopez Vs Lopez 101

What is Lopez vs Lopez about?

In an interview with NBC Insider, Mayan Lopez revealed what audiences can expect from the series, which marks her father's return to comedy and her debut as a lead actress

"I think [the show] is an amalgamation of the writers' cultural experience in the Latinx community as a whole," she said. "We’re just trying to tell our story and it’s going through the vestibule of our relationship, so there are things that are very similar."

Mayan hopes viewers enjoy the unique mix of raw, sentimental moments and laugh-out-loud humor. "When you watch it, the audience will see that there are really moments when I’m just talking to my dad," she says. "This show has so much heart, and it’s funny."

Mayan and George on Lopez Vs Lopez

When did Lopez vs Lopez premiere?

The show hit NBC in November of 2022, and took audiences by storm for being the perfect combination of hilarious and real. The first season show tackled topics like divorce and alcoholism, showcasing normal family experiences is intimate and unique ways. 

The season also had its fair share of fun guests, including Snoop Dogg, who appeared in the Season 1 finale.

Lopez Vs Lopez Snoop Dogg

When does Lopez vs Lopez Season 2 premiere?

NBC confirmed that the show was picked up for another season. New episodes are slated to come hit screens midseason/summer 2024. 

Before it returns, however, watch Lopez vs Lopez on NBC and Peacock

Chance and George on Lopez Vs Lopez

Originally published May 8, 2023.