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Mayan Caught Her Mom in a Lie on the New Lopez vs Lopez

Sometimes the truth hurts!

By Tayi Sanusi
Mayan Is Shocked That George Actually Planned Chance's Birthday | NBC's Lopez vs Lopez

Lopez vs Lopez Season 1, Episode 5 addresses Mayan's disappointment when she discovers her mom Rosie (Selenis Leyva) has lied to her—opening up a can of worms and forcing her to examine old traumas from a new perspective.

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After Chance (Brice Gonzalez) loses his 14th Little League game in a row, Rosie feels it's time for Mayan to start taking off work and doing more to support her son. However, after recently receiving a raise, Mayan feels it's too soon to ask for time off.

Meanwhile, Chance decides he wants his grandpa George and Oscar (Al Madrigal) to take over as Little League team Coaches, leaving Chance's dad, Quinten (Matt Shively), dejected and eager to put grandpa in his place. 

When Mayan ignores her mom's advice, Rosie decides to bring the family dog, Churro, to the veterinary clinic where Mayan works under the pretense of a health issue. Once there, Rosie confronts Mayan's boss about letting her leave early to attend her son's games. However, Mayan ends up catching Rosie in the act and calling her out for crossing a clear boundary. In the heat of the moment, Rosie blames her actions on George, saying he told her to do it.

After confronting her father, we discover he wasn't behind Rosie's questionable visit to the vet, leading Mayan to question how long her mom has been "throwing her dad under the bus." Mayan decides to stage a sit-down to get to the bottom of the convoluted situation.

"I lied to get you over here because I know dad didn’t ask you to show up at my work, and we need to talk about it," says Mayan. "I got out my diaries because now I need to know what childhood traumas you blamed on dad and which ones were you."

After running through a long list of childhood trauma, Rosie and George take responsibility for their respective roles in Mayan's flawed upbringing.

We also see Rosie and George share a heartfelt moment when Rosie admits she suffered a nervous breakdown because of George's reckless behavior and was lying to protect Mayan from realizing her mom was struggling. 

"I wanted to be perfect for her, because everything in her life wasn’t," says Rosie. "So yeah, sometimes, I threw you under the bus when I screwed up. That’s how I survived."

Fortunately, the family meeting ends on a positive note and Mayan feels at peace with old wounds. For now. 

To find out what happens next, watch Lopez vs Lopez on NBC Fridays at 8/7c and next day on Peacock.

Starting April 25, 2023 Lopez vs Lopez moves to Tuesdays at 8:30/7:30c on NBC and next day on Peacock

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