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Carver Finally Revealed the Scary, Heartbreaking Way He Got His Scar

Stella was shocked when she learned the reason.

By Christopher Rosa
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A question that many Chicago Fire fans have is how Sam Carver (Jake Lockett) got the scar on his arm. We first see the scar in Season 11, Episode 1, but there's no explanation given for it. In Episode 2, when he's asked about the scar, Carver lies—and Stella (Miranda Rae Mayo) calls him out for it. She warns Carver that there isn't room for him on Truck 81 if he lies again, and to this Carver says, "Then I'll just have to keep quiet about the scar." 

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Which he does until Season 11, Episode 10. Stella and Carver are forever bonded after surviving the explosion that happened in the previous episode. Carver walked away with no injuries because Stella jumped in front of him, receiving the brunt of the explosion herself. After three weeks off from work, Stella returns to find Carver uncomfortable and uneasy around her. She eventually confronts him at Molly's, and they clear the air—and that's when Carver opens up about his scar. 

 "I keep trying to put [the explosion] behind me, but every day I wake up, I see this scar on my side, and it all just comes flooding back," Stella says, to which Carver replies, "Scars are good for that." 

He then starts telling a horrifying story. "My older brother, he was always a bully," Carver says. "But one night, when I was 9 years old, he took it up a notch. We're at this big family bonfire—something we did every July 4th. But this year, when no one else was around, he snuck up behind me and he shoved me into the flames." 

"No," Stella responds incredulously as Carver continues. "I dragged myself out of there," he reveals. "I'll never forget the hell of that pain. Meanwhile, he ran and told everyone that I tripped and fell and he saved me, like he's the big hero. No one believed my version, what actually happened...because that's too insane. Why would a 15-year-old kid do that to his own little brother, right? I must be lying." 

The camera then panned to the scar on Carver's arm. Stella looked down at it as Carver touched it with his other hand.

"I'm sorry, Carver," Stella says despondently. And the viewers are too. 

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