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What Will Happen on Found Season 2? These Are the 6 Things We're Dying to See

With Sir on the loose, everyone is in danger when Found enters its second season. 

By Jill Sederstrom

The heart-stopping final moments in the season finale of Found left fans at the edge of the seat and one character’s fate precariously hanging in the balance. 

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But where will the drama go from here? Fans of the hit NBC crime drama, which follows a determined public relations firm as they solve often overlooked missing persons cases, will have to wait until Season 2 to find out how their favorite characters fare, but that hasn’t stopped us from imagining the season ahead and where it could go from here.

How did Season 1 of Found end?

The drama in Season 1 all came to a head after Sir (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) miraculously escaped from Gabi Mosely’s (Shanola Hampton) basement, where she’d been holding her one-time kidnapper for months, and went on the run.

Although it seemed Sir likely hopped the first plane to Amsterdam, the final seconds of the Season 1 finale reveal the criminal mastermind is much closer than anyone on the Mosely & Associates team could ever imagine and is laying in wait inside Lacey’s home.

Just as he spots his intended prey, Sir devilishly smiles and the screen fades to black, leaving fans to wonder whether Lacey (Gabrielle Walsh) will survive the unexpected encounter. 

Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Sir

It’s just one of the questions we hope will be answered in Season 2 of the edgy crime drama, which offers a fresh take on trauma and its long-term ramifications. 

As we anxiously await the hit show’s sophomore season, we’re already contemplating all the things we hope to see when Gabi and her team of missing person sleuths get back on the job. 

Will Sir target more members of Gabi’s team? 

Finding out Lacey’s fate definitely tops our wish list, but she may not be the only member of Mosely & Associates to be in danger. 

Sir admittedly has it out for Lacey. For those who need a refresher, Sir blamed the law student for Gabi’s escape decades earlier. Sir — whose real name is Hugh Evans — was Gabi’s favorite high school teacher before he lured her to a remote cabin and kidnapped her in a disturbed attempt to create his own perfect family. But when Gabi seemed unhappy in captivity, Sir decided to kidnap another girl to provide her company and snatched Lacey, then known as Bella, from a park. 

However, his plan backfired when Bella’s appearance at the cabin gave Gabi the strength to fight back against Sir and escape with Bella at her side.


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When Gabi tracked him down decades later and turned the tables on him, chaining him in her basement, Sir strangely doesn’t seem to mind the arrangement and relishes being in close-range of his long-standing obsession. He even threatened to kill Lacey if Gabi ever decided to end their unconventional arrangement. 

Gabi Mosely, Lacey Quinn, and Margaret Reed stand in front of a woman in Found Episode 113.

“He blames Lacey for losing me in the first place,” Gabi explains to Dhan Rana (Karan Oberoi) in the final episode of Season 1. 

After Sir somehow managed to slip from his chains and escape the basement, Gabi noticed a box of rat poison from her home also disappeared. 

We already know that Lacey’s dog Cruiser was rushed to the vet after being poisoned — seemingly to get the guard dog out of the way — but could the poison have been used on anyone else? The last images we see of Gabi’s team have them all preparing to eat some type of food, whether it’s Zeke Wallace (Arlen Escarpeta) holding a bag of takeout or Margaret Reed (Kelli Williams) opening a lunch box during her nightly pilgrimage to the bus stop and looking down at her carefully packed sandwich.

Sir has already made it clear that he sees anyone who takes Gabi’s attention away from him as a threat, so it’s possible he could set his sights on other members of the team in the season ahead.

Will Sir still find a way to help with cases? 

Throughout the first season, Sir was Mosely & Associates' secret weapon, helping to solve the team’s most complex cases by providing Gabi with his criminal take. The symbiotic dynamic that developed as a result between the two added a whole other level to their complex relationship.  

We’re hoping to see more tense and conflicted interactions between Gabi and Sir in the episodes to come. 

Gabi Mosely sits at a desk in a red shirt in Found Episode 113.

With Sir on the run, where will he go? And will he be able to resist the urge to reach out to Gabi? Sir already left a photo on Lacey’s door that helped the team solve a long-standing unsolved case in the finale, so it’s not hard to imagine he’ll find other inventive ways to keep the lines of communication open — even on the run.

How will Gabi’s team react now that they know her secret? 

The tight-knit team at Mosely & Associates has consistently pledged not to judge how each member chooses to process their own trauma — but becoming a kidnapper could prove to be too much for even this group to understand.

Gabi seemingly confessed to holding Sir captive in the final minutes of the season finale, and given the way each member quickly fled the conference room, we’re guessing they didn’t take the news well. 

Gabi Mosely curls up on the floor near Dahn Rana in Found Episode 113.

We’re anxious to see how the news landed in Season 2 and see which members of the team are able to understand Gabi’s reasoning and which may have a harder time forgiving their fearless leader. 

How did Sir become the monster he is today? 

We’ve already gotten a glimpse into Sir’s less-than-idyllic childhood with an abusive single mom, but we’d love to know more about this charismatic villain’s origin story.

The finale drops a hint that Sir may have taken his mother’s fate into his own hands as a teenager after he tells a young Gabi his mother “was killed tragically,” but there’s still so much to unpack about Sir’s life and possible criminal escapades in his early years. We know Gabi wasn’t his first victim, something the terrified teen discovered herself after finding a note from an earlier captive named Annie hidden in a book at the cabin, but did Sir kidnap any other victims? Are there other criminal misdeeds in his past that have yet to be revealed? What was Sir up to in the two decades after Gabi’s escape? 

Sir stands at a desk in front of a whiteboard in Found Episode 113.

We’re hoping to find the answers to these questions and more when Season 2 picks up the story.

Will Season 2 of Found dish up some romance? 

There is no denying that sexual tension was building between Gabi and her handsome detective ally Mark Trent (Brett Dalton) throughout the first season.

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But as show creator Nkechi Okoro Carroll once told The Hollywood Reporter, “It’s hard to date a cop when you’re keeping a human being in your basement.” 

Brett Dalton as Detective Mark Trent

Now that Sir has vacated the basement, it could pave the path for romance between Gabi and Mark, and there’s nothing we’d love to see more than some steamy scenes between the two. Are there any other romances on the way? Lacey and Zeke, perhaps? 

Will we learn more about the team’s backstories? 

The Mosely & Associates team is uniquely qualified to help find the missing because they all have their own personal tie to kidnapping and the trauma associated with it. 

Season 1 gave us glimpses of what made the team’s mission personal for each member — whether it was the still-unsolved disappearance of Margaret Reed’s young son or Dhan’s years being held in captivity — but the specific details in each character’s story remain largely a mystery. Are any of them connected? 

We’re hoping Season 2 will shed some light on the individual tragedies that ultimately united the team and how they each found their way to Gabi. 

Whatever is in store for these unconventional crime fighters, Shanola Hampton isn’t sharing.

Margaret Reed sits in a bus station in Found Episode 113.

“You’ll be left thirsty,” she told Collider of the Season 1 finale. “It’ll be like a dry cracker in your mouth. But what Season 2 will look like, no one will be able to figure out because so much happens in Season 1, where do they go next? That’s out of my pay grade.”

The good news? According to Hampton, Carroll already “does have a plan.” 

“It’s a long, masterful plan,” Hampton said. “You have to have a great showrunner with great stories in their head.” 

We can’t wait to find out exactly Carroll has in store for us next season. In the meantime, catch up on the first season of Found on NBC or streaming on Peacock.