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Will Gabi Find Romance on Found? Why Sir Throws a Wrench in Her Love Life

There's another man standing in the way of a romance between Found's Gabi Moseley and Mark Trent — one that just happens to be chained in her basement.

By Jill Sederstrom

Secretly holding a kidnapped man in your basement can put a real damper on your dating life. 

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Those waiting for a steamy romance between Found’s Gabi Mosely (Shanola Hampton) and handsome detective Mark Trent (Brett Dalton) may just have to wait — and there’s a very good reason for that. 

Gabi's Romance on Found

“It’s hard to date a cop when you’re keeping a human being in your basement,” creator Nkechi Okoro Carroll recently told The Hollywood Reporter. 

The sexual tension between Gabi and Mark is heating up, but for now it seems the only man in the public relations specialist’s life is her one-time kidnapper, Sir (Mark-Paul Gosselaar). 

For months, Gabi has been secretly holding Sir chained in her basement. Gabi’s exact endgame with the kidnapping isn’t clear, but for now, she’s using Sir as a secret weapon of sorts to help solve her missing person cases by forcing the sophisticated kidnapper to offer his criminal expertise in exchange for food and works of literature while in captivity. 

Gabi Mosely talking to Sir in found episode 4

The unconventional setup may not be helping Gabi’s dating life (and how could it?), but it is what attracted Hampton — who rose to fame as the Gallaghers’ fiery neighbor Veronica Fisher on Shameless — into taking on the role. 


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She told The Hollywood Reporter that “once I saw the man in the basement,” she knew it was a character who “got it all together, but not really.” 

“You want to play roles that are layered and multi-dimensional, but, also, in the same breath, in the same script, we’re making an impact for the world,” she said, referencing the show’s commitment to shining a light on the missing person cases of marginalized groups. 

Okoro Carroll wanted to draw “attention to the kind of missing people we don’t seem to be looking for” in the show in an attempt to create a more inclusive world. 

“If underneath it all…I could do something that helps make this world a better place for my sons to raise their kids or their kids to raise their kids, then I feel like I’ve done my part,” she said. 

But she isn’t planning to shy away from relationship drama either and promised to “have love triangles and trauma and all that stuff.”

From the series' opening minutes when Gabi posed as a down-on-her-luck sex worker to gain entry into an abductor’s house, then had her ex-military enforcer Dhan Rana (Karan Oberoi) beat the man until police could arrive, it was clear this is no conventional public relations firm. 

Detective Shaker standing next to Detective Mark Trent in front of a door that says "Trash."

Gabi’s uniquely qualified team at Mosley & Associates, including tech genius Zeke Wallace (Arlen Escarpeta), law student Lacey Quinn (Gabrielle Walsh), observational expert Margaret Reed (Kelli Williams), and Dhan are each carrying their own traumas connected to kidnapping and are willing to stop at nothing to bring a missing person home.

“Gabi is the glue that holds this entire thing together and she has taken in this group of people,” Hampton said in an exclusive clip from the show. “We’re not police officers. It’s a PR firm. We are vigilantes and we go looking for people who are underrepresented.”

While no one on the team is aware of the man Gabi has kidnapped in the basement, Hampton told NBC Insider before the SAG-AFTRA strike that “no one judges how others choose to deal with their trauma, and their healing process, or their lack of.” 

If there’s anyone who might understand her skewed take on revenge, it could very well be the people on her team. 

"Even though Gabi is doing this horrible thing, at the end of the day, this is going to be her family. So if there was anyone that's ever going to know this big secret and this crazy thing that she did, it's these people that she's put together under the guise of healing," Hampton said.

So, just maybe there’s hope for Gabi’s dating life yet.