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How Did Gabi Escape Sir on Found? What to Know About the Unlikely Partnership

Will Sir, the man responsible for kidnapping Gabi Mosely 20 years ago, ever be caught? Well ... 

By Jax Miller

Following the bombshell revelations in the Found premiere, the series digs deeper into the shocking relationship between the heroic Gabi Mosely and the man who kidnapped her decades earlier.

How to Watch

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At the end of the show’s debut episode, a teenage Gabi (A’zaria Carter) helps young Bella (Jasmine Washington) escape “Sir,” the man holding both girls against their will 20 years ago. The edge-of-your-seat episode ended not only with today’s Gabi (Shanola Hampton) having Sir chained in her basement but with Bella transpiring to be one of Gabi’s crisis management firm sidekicks, now named Lacey Quinn (Gabrielle Walsh).

During Found’s sophomore episode on October 10, 2023, we get deeper into how Sir (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) helps Gabi solve some of the most hard-to-crack missing persons’ cases around.

How did Gabi escape Sir?

Found’s unpacking of Gabi and Lacey’s 2003 kidnapping leaves audiences wanting to knows more, though we previously saw Sir force 16-year-old Gabi to read books and conform to his world views — and seemingly learned how the two made their getaway.

As seen in the recent episode, Sir also presents Gabi with Bella as “the most important present,” following one year and eight days of Gabi’s captivity, a solution to Gabi’s complaints of being lonely.

Gabi Mosely and Sir standing in a room face to face talking to each other.

Previously in the series premiere, Sir joined the kidnappees in their locked quarters, rehearsing what could be construed on the outside as a family sit-down dinner. Bella watched Gabi and Sir read from a script as they discussed possible scientific solutions to curb climate change.

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When Sir complimented Gabi on reading the books he’d left, she replied (to Sir’s frustration), “You didn’t exactly make it optional.”

Sir calmly excused Bella to fetch more beef stew, upset with Gabi for going off-script.

“Screw your script,” Gabi confidently said, attempting to inquire about why he kidnapped Bella.

Sir angrily demanded, “Watch your mouth,” instructing Gabi never to challenge him in front of Bella again.

But over a stove, Bella ladled hot stew from a pot before accidentally burning herself, prompting an already-enraged Sir to rise from his chair in the next room. Sir gritted his teeth and banged on the dinner table, rushing toward the young child.

Just before Sir could reach Bella, Gabi grabbed a cast iron skillet from a wall of frying pans and hit Sir in the back of the head, rendering her captor unconscious.

“Run, Bella, Run!” Gabi yelled, just before she took Sir’s keys and made her brave getaway with Bella.

What Happens in Found, Episode 2

Lacey, formerly known as Bella, still wears the burn on her arm 20 years after Gabi helped her escape. Like the rest of the public, she believes Sir is on the loose, which is why we see Lacey with half a dozen locks on her door at the end of the Found series premiere.

Only Gabi knows Sir is alive, chained in her basement, and forced to help her profile missing persons’ cases for the past seven months.

In Found Episode 2, Gabi and her team are tasked with searching for a woman named Jinny, a sex worker possibly harmed by a reported stalker. Gabi implores Sir for his expertise, though, despite being a kidnapper, Sir holds a set of values referred to by Gabi as “puritanical crap.”

Sir appears with his arms crossed looking away.

“The answer to this case is no,” Sir tells Gabi after throwing the case file to the ground. “This woman does not deserve my brilliance or yours. She’d be better off dead.”

Gabi reminds Sir that his captivity is “neither a partnership or a democracy,” though Sir remains steadfast that sex workers are “filth” and “impure.”

“Jinny deserves the basic human right to live this life unharmed,” says Gabi.

When Sir refuses to comply, Gabi restricts him from having food, as Sir did to her decades ago.

In Found’s flashbacks to Gabi’s captivity, we see Sir as fastidious, obsessing over a smudge on his coat’s cuff, a quirk he still seems to possess 20 years later. Through this, Gabi convinces Sir to help her in the case of Jinny’s disappearance, agreeing to “groom” him in exchange.

“While Jinny may offend you, being unkempt and dirty offends you more,” Gabi compromises.

The pair’s unlikely collaboration then becomes essential in the search for Jinny.

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