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Everything to Know About Found's Jaw-Dropping Annie Reveal: Who She Really Is

Gabi has learned the identity of one of Sir's presumed victims, a high school student Gabi called “ the last chapter in this sick saga."

By Jax Miller

Found fans were just treated to a delicious new plot twist, one that has helped viewers piece together who Sir’s previous alleged victim, Annie, was.

How to Watch

Watch the Season 2 premiere of Found Thursday, October 3 at 10/9c on NBC.

It was all hands on deck in Season 1, Episode 10 when Gabi Mosely (Shanola Hampton) and her crew found themselves at a local high school to glean what happened to missing teen Tony, a trafficking victim introduced earlier in Found’s debut season.

Even Mark Trent (Brett Dalton) could see the case “brought up a lot of stuff” for Found’s protagonist, prompting Gabi to return home and dust off her old yearbooks. Flipping through the pages, (SPOILER ALERT) Gabi revealed that her captor, Sir (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) — the man now chained in her basement — was her 10th grade English Literature teacher two decades earlier.

And he might have kidnapped another one of his students.

Who is Annie on Found?

Annie on Found is another student Sir once had, who he seemingly kidnapped and held captive in the past.

In Episode 4, young Gabi (Azaria Carter) found a note in one of the books that Sir — ever the bibliophile — had assigned her. In it, someone named Annie scribbled a message on a small piece of scrap paper, hiding it in the spine of a Shakespeare book.

“Day 261. My name is Annie, and I am going to live,” the note read. “If you’re reading this and Sir got you, too, don’t give up.”

Gabi vowed to learn more about the note’s mysterious author, someone she referred to as “the last chapter in this sick saga.”

Gabi Mosely on Found Episode 10 of Season 1

As previously seen, Sir used a red ribbon as an ominous suggestion to his victim: Young Gabi must follow orders lest she suffer the same fate as Annie. However, what happened to Annie has remained murky, only now starting to become clearer in Found’s recent episode.

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Gabi found Sir smiling in her 2002 yearbook, and young Gabi’s school photo just a couple of rows below. She realized Sir might have targeted his students, moving over to a 2000 yearbook, where she found Sir, again, as an English Literature teacher.

This time, one of his students was Stephanie “Annie” Lopez, someone Gabi immediately recognized.

Earlier in the recent episode, Gabi recalled a time when she was still held captive by Sir. Sixty-nine days into her captivity, young Gabi was startled by a knock on the window while at the kitchen sink.

Annie’s face appeared from the dark, a red ribbon tied in her ponytail.

Gabi recognized the girl as someone who’d knocked on Sir’s door earlier that day and asked for help after experiencing some car trouble. The stranger said she’d seen Gabi “through a crack” (despite Sir’s attempts to conceal young Gabi) and wondered if she needed help.

By the time Annie appeared in the window, Sir had driven away from the house, and Gabi pleaded for the strange girl not to leave her.

“My cell is still dead, but I’m gonna come back with people to get help,” said Annie. “I promise.”

Annie disappeared into the night, and what happened next has yet to be learned.

However, that evening, Sir presented young Gabi with a red ribbon — identical to the one seen in Annie’s hair — claiming he “stopped her from ruining our life.”

The statement led Gabi to presume Sir murdered Annie.

Gabi confronts Sir about Annie

After discovering Annie’s identity through the yearbooks, Gabi marched to the basement and confronted Sir.

“You were my teacher,” said an emotional Gabi. “I trusted you; parents trusted you.”

Sir wondered why Gabi was “rehashing the past,” to which Gabi said: “Because all this time, I thought I was just one unlucky student, one kid with a bright future and not enough parental supervision that you took advantage of.”

Sir on Found Episode 10 of Season 1

Gabi pulled out a red ribbon for Sir, explaining that she pieced together that Annie was a previous student-turned-victim who’d escaped Sir and returned months later to save Gabi, Sir’s latest victim.

“I will find where you buried Annie,” Gabi declared. “And you will pay for all the pain you caused.”

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But Sir said he never actually killed Annie at all, leaving audiences wondering: What really happened to Stephanie “Annie” Lopez?

“You can’t manipulate me with your lies anymore,” said Gabi. “She came back to save your next victim, and it cost her her life. And for that, I will make you pay.”

Sir took the red ribbon from the basement floor, watching Gabi return upstairs.

It seems only Sir holds the answers as to what came of Annie … at least for now.

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