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Why Was Lacey Kidnapped on Found? The Diabolical Mind of a Criminal, Revealed

To a kidnapper played by Mark-Paul Gosselaar, abducting a companion for the captive Gabi is giving her "an important present."

By Joe Dziemianowicz

Gabi Mosely and Lacey Quinn share a workplace — and a past trauma on the NBC drama, Found, airing Tuesdays at 10/9c.

How to Watch

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Crisis management ace Gabi (Shanola Hampton) runs a search firm for people who’ve gone missing, and Lacey (Gabrielle Walsh), a law student, is part of Gabi’s specialized team. Like Gabi, Lacey’s work is informed by the fact that they were both abducted by Hugh Evans, a kidnapper known as Sir (Mark-Paul Gosselaar), some two decades earlier.

But Sir’s twisted diabolical streak assumes an even darker dimension in the show’s second episode when his reason for taking Lacey is revealed.

Why was Lacey kidnapped on Found?

The 20th anniversary of Gabi’s escape from Sir has put the two of them back in the spotlight. When Gabi is interviewed by Joy Reid, who plays herself on the series, the interviewer says that Sir has been “in the wind” for 20 years. An image of what Sir would look like today is then seen during the telecast.

Lacey Quinn, Margaret Reed, Gabi Mosely, and Dahn Rana standing around a table.

When Joy Reid asks Gabi if she’s “haunted” by the fact that Sir is still at large, Gabi immediately shuts that down.

No. He has no power over me anymore,” she says, adding that she’s solely focused on finding people who tend to get forgotten. “There’s no room for anything else — certainly not ghosts.”

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Unbeknownst to everyone is that Gabi has actually found Sir, and turned the tables on him: He is now a captive in the basement of her home.

He’s only there because he serves a purpose. Gabi picks his criminal mind to help her find people who’ve gone missing. 

But seven months into being Gabi’s prisoner, he tries to regain the upper hand by bringing back a dark memory of her time in captivity, asking her if she remembers her anniversary of being held hostage when she was a teenager. 

“Unfortunately for you, I remember everything,” Gabi says.

“Like it wasn’t a good day,” he responds. “I showered you with presents.”

“I didn’t want your books, bracelets, cake,” she says.

“You’re forgetting one present, the most important present,” he adds. “The one that arrived eight days later.”

What he meant by that was chilling: In a twisted attempt to make Gabi happy — and likely shock her into obedience — after she complained about being lonely and needing to speak to her dad, Sir kidnapped another girl to live in the basement with her.

That girl, we see, was Lacey.  Lacey was “the gift” he was talking about as though she was just an object and not a person.

It's an admission that shocks Gabi, as Sir tries to imply Gabi had wanted him to steal another child so she wouldn't be alone. Of course, Lacey reassures her later on that she didn't think that was the case.

Keep up with the drama on Found, airing Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC.