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What Happened to Dhan on Found? The Mystery Behind His Past, Explained

On a recent episode of Found, we got more hints about why Dhan wants to help find missing people.

By Caitlin Schunn

A group of people with traumatic and troubled pasts make up Mosely and Associates on NBC’s new crime drama, Found. All of them have experiences with kidnappings or going missing, like Margaret (Kelli Williams), whose son was kidnapped from a bus station years ago. It isn't until Episode 5, though, that we got some insight into the character of Dhan Rana, portrayed by Karan Oberoi, and the ghosts that haunt him in his work.

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It turns out Dhan had a different experience than other members of the team, noting he was “abandoned and betrayed by people who looked out for him,” while discussing the mystery surrounding what happened to him.

What happened to Dhan on Found?

Dhan struggles with being alone in Episode 5, as his husband, Ethan, is out of town. Gabi and his other coworkers ask him several times if he’s OK by himself, and he repeatedly assures them he’s coping just fine.

But that turns out to not be the case when Dhan is at Mosely and Associates alone at night, as the team searches for an undocumented missing woman named Sasha. Dhan begins hearing crashing and screaming noises in his head. We also hear a voice say, “Leave him in the hole until he finally talks.”

This suggests that Dhan underwent isolation and captivity as some sort of punishment. Typically, “the hole” is known as a prison cell where a prisoner is kept alone for punishment — also known as solitary confinement, according to Merriam-Webster. But the term can also be used to refer to keeping military prisoners in solitary confinement, especially as a form of torture to get them to "talk" or share information.

Found's Karan Oberoi

Dhan’s relationship with Zeke Wallace, portrayed by Arlen Escarpeta, also took a turn in Episode 5. Zeke was abducted as a child, and it gave him a debilitating case of agoraphobia, making him unable to leave his home. In Episode 2, it was clear Dhan doesn’t get along with Zeke, and only puts up with him as a coworker.

Dhan’s husband, Ethan, asked him why he disliked Zeke so much.

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“He’s weak,” Dhan said. “Zeke’s condition is mind over matter, but he’d rather sit in it than fight it. That offends me.”

This statement makes more sense after understanding that Dhan was physically held in a hole or cell at one point in his life.

But Ethan reminds Dhan he used to believe the same things about himself when he was first found.

“Weak. Too pathetic to fight,” Ethan said. “Zeke reminds you of you at your worst, and for that reason, you shut him down at every turn.”

Zeke and Dhan made strides in their relationship when Dhan previously arrived at Zeke’s home and helped him as he fell and hit his head trying to reach a package. By Episode 5, the two toasted finding the missing Sasha while at Zeke’s home, together. And Dhan made another relevation to his team about his captivity.

“I know I don’t talk about it, but, for three long years I was held captive,” Dhan said to the group. “And because of that, I know how hard it is to be alone. It’s not something I wish on anyone. Especially not a friend.”

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