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Timothée Chalamet and Marcello Hernández's "Baby-Faced Dude" Rap Needs a Video ASAP

Lil Timmy Tim is back: Chalamet's November 11 SNL monologue featured a hilarious rap with season 49 cast member Hernández. 

By Samantha Vincenty

As many longtime fans of Timothée Chalamet know, the Wonka star was practicing his rap skills years before he reached major fame with films like Lady Bird and Call Me By Your Name. As a high school student at Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts (also known as "the Fame School"), Chalamet performed under the rap alias Lil Timmy Tim, even donning a hot pink wig to rap in the style of Nicki Minaj in one viral clip. Wearing a gold-diamond festooned blazer, Chalamet channeled an all-grown-up Timmy Tim during his Saturday Night Live monologue on November 11, joining forces with Season 49 cast member Marcello Hernández.

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Longtime cast member and veteran Baby Face Kenan Thompson threw down some bars, with Punkie Johnson joining in dressed in a pink Minaj getup (Lil Timmy Tim reference!!). 

Wielding a Willy Wonka-esque cane, Chalamet began his monologue by singing a song celebrating the end of the SAG strike, which enabled Chalamet to promote his Wonka film. After a seemingly very welcome visit with some audience members, Chalamet returned to the stage to continue his song—and that's when Hernández walked onstage to shake things up. 

"That old timey stuff is cute and everything, but I was just thinking, and you and I actually have a lot in common," Hernández told his fellow short king Chalamet. "You're a big huge movie star, and I'm on my second season of SNL. But there is one other thing we have in common."

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"Oh, that's right," Chalamet said, as he accepted a microphone that Hernández pulled from his pocket. "We both have a baby face! Let's talk to em, right?"

Watch the performance above, and check out the lyrics below. Is it too much to hope for a proper music video, or at least a Spotify release a la "Lake Beach"?

Kenan Thompson Timothee Chalamet Punkie Johnson and Marcello Hernandez perform on Saturday Night Live Episode 1848

How old is Timothée Chalamet?

He may have a baby face, but Timothée Chalamet is 27 years old—so with a few years to until the big 3-0, he's also pretty young by most metrics. With a birthday that falls during the holiday season, Chalamet turns 28 on December 27.

Timothée Chalamet and Marcello Hernández's baby-faced rap lyrics

Check out the lyrics to the rap below from the November 11 monologue, which was written by Hernández, Johnson, Will Stephen, and Asha Ward.

Chalamet: This song is dedicated to all the baby faced dudes out there. 
Hernández: Shout out Justin Bieber! Shout out Bruno Mars' lil a--!

I got a baby face, but my hips don't lie / Say I'm a bad kid? B---, I'm a bad guy
I got a baby face, but I'm hung like my dad / Trust me baby, this be the best you ever had

I got a face like a young one, but the body of a dude / So hide your wife, hide your grandma too
Child-like demeanor but I'm full grown / I got trapped in the boobies, call my a-- Home Alone!

I got a baby face, and I walk my own way / I took her out to Denny's and my a-- ate for free
Yeah, me and your girl have funsy / And right after I pay she wanna see me in a onesie

I got a baby face, say I look real shy / Say I'm a bad kid? B---, I'm a bad guy
I got a baby face, and your girl at my crib / Trust me baby, I eat the b--- with a bib

[Trading off]

I smoke, I go to court, I gamble, I got divorced

I do my taxes on my own, nobody do it for me / But before we go to sleep we need a bedtime story

[Punkie Johnson]

Wake up in the morning little man up in my sheets
I thought he was a kid I had to check his I.D./I cannot believe this little guy is 33 (that was close!)
At the bar he was cute, he was shy, he was nice but b--- found out my man went to jail twice
I'm in love, because I know that he a boss and I do what he say and I do what he want

[Kenan Thompson]

Whoa, y'all really going to do a baby-face song without your boy?

Okay, alright, my bad, Kenan—why don't you spit something?

[Kenan Thompson]

Oh, you mean like this?
Yo, yo—I've had this face since Kenan and Kel
I age like a vampire, I age like Pharrell
All my life, I been a cutie on TV / They think I'm 19 but I'm really 63!


I got a baby face, but my hips don't lie / Say I'm a bad kid? B---, I'm a bad guy
I got a baby face, but I'm hung like my dad / Trust me baby, this be the best you ever had

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