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Sainted’s “Purple Rain” Golden Buzzer Performance is Like Nothing You’ve Ever Heard

Sainted sailed through to the semifinals with the Golden Buzzer on AGT: Fantasy League. See their show stopping performance of "Purple Rain." 

By Shameika Rhymes

America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League saw a musical performance like no other as the Sainted Trap Choir headed back to the Got Talent stage by way of Simon Cowell’s Dream Team.

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The Charlotte, North Carolina-based group mixes a gospel sound with secular music for their unique blend of vocals and live performance. With Simon’s help, the group performed a rendition of Prince’s "Purple Rain," which required their Dream Team mentor's hard work to clear. With Prince’s symbol gracing the stage, the group of more than 25 members, dressed in all white, sang a slowed down gospel-style version of the legendary hit. A soloist hit the high notes causing Simon’s mouth dropped open, and not just out of sheer team spirit.

The Judges gave a standing ovation as well as the crowd once the song was over and Sainted had once again solidified themselves as one of the best to hit the Got Talent stage. 

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Howie Mandel was blown away. 

“We always ask people on this show to step it up and you just stepped it up beyond,” he said as he stood up again in awe.

Mel B called them "brilliant," while Cowell told the group, “You said it was going to be good, and it wasn’t. It was incredible.”

He said he would remember the moment forever and he hoped it changed their lives. He then pushed the Golden Buzzer to not only send them straight to the semifinals of America's Got Talent: Fantasy League, but to solidify their position on his Dream Team.

“Now that we have the Golden Buzzer, we are out to win it all,” the group said.

Sainted’s history on AGT

Sainted on stage during AGT Fantasy League Episode 104

Sainted is no stranger to the AGT stage. The group made it to the semifinals in Season 18 of America's Got Talent last year, earning a glowing review from the Judges, particularly Sofia Vergara, for their debut AGT audition. The trap choir, which started in 2020, ultimately made it to the finals of that season and have been performing together ever since. They noted how happy they were to return to the stage on AGT: Fantasy League for another shot at greatness and taking home the win for their Dream Team. 

Sainted’s Struggle to Clear Purple Rain

Sainted during their Golden Buzzer moment on AGT Fantasy League Episode 104

It’s no secret that Prince’s "Purple Rain" is still considered a legendarily amazing song among both his diehard fans and casual listeners alike, even years after his death. As with many great works of music, legally clearing songs for use in places like AGT: Fantasy League can be a hurdle. Still, when you're a member of Simon Cowell's Dream Team, some hurdles are easier to vault than others 

“We’ve got to get you the best song in the world, and it has to be 'Purple Rain,'” the Judge said ahead of Sainted's performance.

However, as the day of the performance drew closer, the group had to prepare themselves for the very real possibility that they wouldn't be allowed by Prince's estate to perform a cover of "Purple Rain."

“We need to prepare two songs in case it doesn’t clear,” Dennis Reed Jr. of the group shared.

The night before their AGT: Fantasy League performance, they still had no idea which song they would be singing. Mandel revealed that Cowell was up until midnight working to get legal clearance on the song. Fortunately, thanks to their Mentor's hard work, on the actual day of the show, Sainted found out that Prince’s estate agreed to let them perform the iconic song.

Cheers erupted as they realized they were granted their first choice of song. Singing "Purple Rain" now is fitting as it is also the 40th anniversary of the film and album of the same name in 2024. 

Who knows how they will top this show-stopping performance in the semifinals, but fans will definitely find out when Sainted retakes the AGT: Fantasy League stage to take their shot at winning it all this time around. 

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