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See Heidi Literally Tackle Howie for Taking [Spoiler] with His Golden Buzzer

How AGT's "most dangerous" Act, upped the ante for AGT: Fantasy League.

By Grace Jidoun

Just when you’ve thought you’ve seen every kind of Act in existence, America's Got Talent: Fantasy League pushes the limit in new death-defying ways with the Ramadhani Brothers. The acrobatic duo's Golden Buzzer performance during the reality competition’s second episode blew away Judges Mel B, Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel and had the entire audience on the edge of their seats for every nail-biting moment.

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Mentored by Klum, the Season 18 finalists sealed their position as one of the most extraordinary “strength Acts” of all time and got fast-tracked to the semi-finals via Mandel's Golden Buzzer, which also meant they're now members of his Dream Team.

Who are the Ramadhani Brothers?

Unsurprisngly this isn't the duo's first Golden Buzzer moment. Fadhili Ramadhani and Ibrahim Jobu are trained acrobats hailing from Dar es Salaam in Tanzania who shot to fame when they won the Golden Buzzer on Australia’s Got Talent in 2022. According to their official website, they have more than 20 years of training in acrobatics under Winston Ruddle, the director of Cirque Africa. After placing 5th in Season 18 of America’s Got Talent, the brothers admitted they were disheartened but didn’t give up hope.

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Ramadhani Brothers on stage on AGT: Fantasy League Episode 102

This is not the end. This is just the beginning,” they told Klum on AGT: Fantasy League. “We want to win this competition.”

The Ramadhani Brothers' Golden Buzzer performance

It’s been less than a year since Mandel called the Ramadhani Brothers' head-to-head balancing Act the most dangerous Act he’d ever seen on America’s Got Talent. Yet under Klum’s guidance on AGT: Fantasy League, they pushed their skill and luck to new levels. 

This time, Ibrahim, who held Fadhili full weight on his head above him, was blindfolded during the performance, navigating six giant steps that looked so difficult that all four judges were squirming in their seats. After reaching the top, the brothers walked down a staircase and ramp, taking each one with perfect timing, still blindfolded and balancing head-to-head.


Ramadhani Brothers on stage during their golden buzzer moment on AGT: Fantasy League Episode 102

Before viewers could breathe a sigh of relief, Ibrahim took off his blindfold and suddenly began walking backward up the steps, where he started shaking, and his foot slipped. Terry Crews drove home the danger of the situation from backstage when he reminded viewers, “There are no nets!” — a fall would spell disaster. The acrobatic duo wavered dangerously again on the last step, but thanks to sheer strength and willpower, the two made it back to safety, and the audience erupted in screams.

“My heart stopped at least three times!” said Crews.

Meanwhile, Mel B was uncharacteristically speechless saying, “You are unbelievable. There’s not enough words.”

Even Simon enthused, “I like to feel we’re judging this show based on what we’ve seen each Act do before, and I thought there must be a ceiling, and you’ve just broken through that ceiling.”

As for Howie? He slyly quipped, “I still think you can do better.”

Ramadhani Brothers on stage on AGT: Fantasy League Episode 102

How did Howie Mandel take the Ramadhani Brothers?

Mandel's ploy to steal the Ramadhani Brothers from Klum worked. As the audience erupted in deafening “boos” directed at him and his suggestion they can do better, only Klum had her eye on the prize. She took the opportunity to playfully tackle him to the ground! But Mandel managed to press the Golden Buzzer (Ironically by using his head) before she could stop him.

Thanks to Mandel, the acrobats — dressed like the stars they are in sparkly gold lamé pants — instantly came closer to winning the $250,000 grand prize. What could Mandel possibly have in store for the semi-finals? We know one thing: “You’ll never have to wear lamé pants again!” as Mandel promised the brothers.

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