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How Mel B Shocked the Judges and Took [Spoiler] From Simon with Her Golden Buzzer

The Judges are playing by their own rules this time on Fantasy League.

By Chris Phelan

America's Got Talent: Fantasy League is finally here – and if the season premiere is any indication, the drama between the judges will be just as jaw-dropping as the Acts themselves.

How to Watch

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The inaugural episode delivered fireworks from beginning to end, highlighted by a particularly spicy Take from Mel B after the world-renowned roller-skating brother-sister duo of Billy & Emily made their triumphant return to the Got Talent universe.

Courtesy of Simon Cowell personally advocating for them to return in Fantasy League, they put on another remarkable performance. Cowell's mentoring style is well documented at this point in his career – his straightforward, no-nonsense path ensures that he butts heads with his colleagues more often than not. 

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But right as Cowell began patting himself on the back for bringing the duo back in the first place, Mel B took advantage of her Golden Buzzer and triggered the first talent Take of the show.

How did it all come to be? Let's dive in.

Who are Billy & Emily England?

Billy and Emily England on stage during America's Got Talent: Fantasy League Episode 101


In 2017, the brother-sister duo from Birmingham, England, burst onto the Got Talent scene and immediately blew away expectations with their trademark roller-skating Act. Fans and experts agree that their sensational (and sometimes dangerous) acrobatics set the standard for niche performances. After successfully blowing away the judges (and America as a whole), Cowell put their performance in a proper historical perspective.

"This was everything we always dreamt this show would be; attracting talent like you," he confessed.

Although Billy & Emily failed to win that season, the duo returned with an even wilder performance during 2019's America's Got Talent: The Champions. Older, wiser, and somehow even more athletic, the siblings held nothing back with their encore effort (above)!

Shockingly, the pair again failed to lock down the season's grand prize, but since then, they haven't rested on their laurels. In fact, Billy & Emily have been busy in Las Vegas, fine-tuning their unbelievable act while being a mainstay in the Las Vegas entertainment world for years.

When the two found out they would be returning for Fantasy League, a twist on the show that sees Judges bring back their favorites from past seasons to compete once again, they revealed they may finally have the upper hand in the competition. 

"When we found out Simon Cowell had picked us for Fantasy League, we were so honored," explained Emily. "Having Simon on our team, we feel like we might have the edge that we need."

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Billy & Emily's Golden Buzzer audition

Billy and Emily England hug on stage during the golden buzzer moment on America's Got Talent: Fantasy League Episode 101

Before the duo took the stage during the premiere, Billy called their opportunity a chance at redemption after failing so many times in the past. And to say they over-delivered is the understatement of the century! Their Act has been perfected over the years, and viewers were fixated on their gravity-defying roller-skate acrobatics that has somehow gotten even more dangerous since we last saw them – fire knives were not something we expected to be part of their Act!

By the end of their performance, the judges – and viewers – suitably picked their jaws up from off the floor. 

"I honestly feel that this is what the show is all about," Simon confessed, drawing attention to the utter uniqueness of what the brother-sister duo just did on a national stage.

"This is one of the most dangerous, exciting, and standout acts we've ever had in Got Talent history," admitted Howie Mandel.

For viewers, it quickly became apparent that not only was Simon thinking ten steps ahead by bringing Billy & Emily back, but they were huge contenders to win it all. Unfortunately for Simon, Mel B was thinking eleven steps ahead.

"This was spectacular, it really, really was," she declared before setting Simon up for her crushing blow.

"And you really like this Act, don't you?" Mel B asked Simon.

"Like them?" he responded quizzically. "I love them."

At that moment, Simon had to have known what was coming.

"But you know what – guess who has the Golden Buzzer tonight!" Mel B exclaimed as Simon quickly tried to negotiate (to no avail).

And with one enthusiastic press of the Golden Buzzer, the game changed. 

How Did Mel B rake Billy & Emily from Simon?

Billy and Emily England on stage during America's Got Talent: Fantasy League Episode 101

Mel B's hijacking of Billy & Emily shocked longtime fans of the show, but during AGT: Fantasy League, the rules have been overhauled and tweaked for maximum drama – something Mel B took full advantage of!

During regular seasons of AGT, a Judge uses a Golden Buzzer to signify that the act is so breathtaking that they automatically make it to the next round of competition. But on Fantasy League, the Golden Buzzer not only means they're safe from elimination and moving to the next round, but it means they join the team of the judge who used the Golden Buzzer itself. 

In the blink of an eye, Cowell's prized Act was taken from him. Mel B clearly did her homework and delivered a potentially catastrophic blow to Simon's team.

If this is the kind of world-class performances – from the acts and the judges – we can expect from this season of America's Got Talent: Fantasy League, we're all for it. We can't wait to see what the rest of the season brings!