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Why the Judges Were on Their Feet During the Ramadhani Brothers' Entire Act

AGT's Simon Cowell called the Tanzanian acrobats "spellbinding".

By McKenzie Jean-Philippe

After the Ramadhani Brothers — Fadhili and Ibrahim — first took the AGT 18 stage for their audition, the unbelievable acrobats stunned the Judges, with Howie Mandel calling them "the most dangerous Act I have ever seen on America's Got Talent." 

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The statement was no exaggeration, as the Tanzanian duo specialize in head balancing, meaning Fadhili uses his own head (and nothing else) to balance on top of Ibrahim's.  

"I trust him with my life," Fadhili said of his sibling during September 19's episode. By the end of the fifth and final Live Show week, the Ramadhani Brothers earned a spot in the Top 2 alongside the 82nd Airborne Division All American Chorus and Instant Save Avantgardey, automatically advancing them to compete in the September 26 and 27 Finale.

What happened during the Ramadhani Brothers' Live Show performance

Ramadhani Brothers performing onstage

This time around, the Ramadhani Brothers upped the stakes. While performing to Hidden Citizens' "The One to Survive", Ibrahim used one hand to hold Fadhili by the head directly above him as he walked up and down a set of stairs. He then proceeded to put on a blindfold as his brother balanced on his head, and he walked up and down the stairs once more. Then, for the grand finale, Fadhili balanced on Ibrahim's head as he climbed two ladders on either side of him.

"This Act is different compared to the first one," Fadhili said. "The first one we had the rod, which is just standing. But this one is swinging. So instead of going up and down you go side to side. What we are doing is dangerous, but there's a technique we do with our hands and go up there. We have to be in same timing. If we miss this timing we won't be able to go up. Very important to get in the right center."

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He then revealed, "We practice so much, I am losing my hair because of doing over and over everyday. "

The crowd could not take their eyes off of the duo, in awe and anticipation of what was to come next. As for the Judges, they were standing throughout the majority of the performance, anxious and excited about what they were witnessing.

What the Judges thought of the Ramadhani Brothers

Ramadhani Brothers onstage with Terry Crews after a performance

Simon Cowell: "That was spellbinding. Genuinely. Every single person in this audience I think felt the same thing, which was this was so difficult, so scary, at any time it could have gone wrong. My opinion: This is an Act that should be in the Final, and I believe is a $1 million Act. "

Heidi Klum: "I am mind blown. Honestly this is one of the best Acts the world ever gets to see. And all of us in here we get to witness this live right in front of our eyes. I mean you two are amazing!"

Sofia Vergara: "We always talk about some Acts that we're never going to forget. But this one I have to be honest with you, I have been thinking of you guys since we stopped the auditions. Even Heidi and I we've been talking about it. 'We wanna see these guys, they were so amazing and tonight you didn't disappoint."

Howie Mandel: "So far this is my favorite Act of the night, number one. You guys make carry-on so exciting," he joked. "I'm having trouble keeping my hat on, it doesn't look real. You guys are amazing. America, vote. They need to be in the Final." 

What's next for the Ramadhani Brothers

Ramadhani Brothers onstage

They will now compete in the Season 18 Finale's Top 11 alongside The 82nd Airborn Division All American ChorusAvantgardeyChibi UnityAnna DeGuzmanPutri ArianiThe Mzansi Youth ChoirMurmurationAhren BelisleLavender Darcangeloand Adrian Stoica & Hurricane

"We like to thank everyone who voted we've made it together we are ready to win 🏆 this," they said on their personal Instagram account. 

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