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See the Amazing Moment Ahren Belisle Flirted with "Single" Sofia Vergara on AGT

While judging Belisle's Act, Vergara declared "I am single," earning cheers from fans. 

By McKenzie Jean-Philippe

When Canadian stand-up Ahren Belisle and his service dog Al first took the stage during AGT 18 auditions, he wowed the Judges and audience with his unique brand of nonverbal comedy. 

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The 28-year-old, who has cerebral palsy, uses a text-to-voice app on his phone to perform. 

“Interestingly enough,” Belisle said at the time, “the silence while I type just builds tension during a set and I think people enjoy watching me laugh at my own joke that I’m writing.”

On August 29, he took the stage once again and even earned a standing ovation from both Howie Mandel and Sofia Vergara. And during the Live Results show, it was revealed that he and Murmuration were the two Acts of the week that had been voted by America to advance to September's Finale.

"Since AGT people are seeing me for what I'm about and what I stand for other than what they think I'm incapable of doing. People stop me on the street and honk at me and tell me I'm great. I've been headlining shows in Canada, and I'm building out a U.S. tour. "

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Read on to find out everything you need to know about Belisle's Live Show performance.

Ahren Belisle flirts with Sofia Vergara during his Live Show performance

America's Got Talent Breakout Ahren Belisle

Belisle's stand-up routine was full of self-depreciating jokes, poking fun at how others interact with him because of his cerebral palsy. However, there was a particularly hilarious section of his set we'll never forget.

It started with Belisle encouraging Al to "Fetch me a girlfriend! Go fetch Sofia viagra," he said, before continuing, "Oh no, damn autocorrect. I meant Sofia Vergara."

Vergara was an amazing sport, laughing and responding, "I'm right here! I'm single!" (Vergara and Joe Manganiello announced their divorce in July 2023).

Later on, as the panel offered their thoughts on the Act, Heidi Klum asked her friend: "Has anyone ever called you...Sofia viagra?" She responded, "No, they have not called me like that before, but I am single." This declaration earned her supportive cheers from the crowd.

The Judges react to Ahren Belisle's Live Show performance

Ahren Belisle stands with Terry Crews

Heidi Klum: "I love how you figured out your dream to become a comedian, and it's beautiful to see you up there being so happy and making all of us laugh. Thank you so much for being here."

Sofia Vergara: "I love the way you look at life. I love that that's what makes you so funny that you make fun of yourself. That you are so, like, happy with yourself."

Simon Cowell: "I mean, you are naturally funny. If you're a comedian that's what it's all about. Unlike other acts tonight, I actually wanted it to go on longer."

Howie Mandel: "I love this guy. I agree with Sofia. If anybody deserves to go on in voting for one of the two, it is you. Your timing is great, your personality is great, and I've been a fan of yours since you were first here. I love when you work dirty, we can't see it here, but you're brilliant."

What's next for Ahren Belisle

So what can we expect from the stand-up now that he'll be competing for that $1 million in the Top 11? We're definitely in for more laughs.

"I've been performing constantly, tightening my set, altering, practicing, creating," he said. "The goal is always to make the next joke more funny and more meaningful than the last. A lot of people have called me lucky because I all I do is hit a button. No. So many things can go wrong. It's really easy to use then wrong voice, which messes up a joke. Also, if the bluetooth cuts out that's another issue."

When reflecting on his audition Belisle remembered, "Sofia said, 'I hope you are the one comedian that finally wins AGT.' Winning AGT would be an amazing way to really skyrocket my comedy career and to continue my reach. I want to spend everyday making people laugh."