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Why Simon Compared Golden Buzzer Chibi Unity to a Nike Commercial

The Japanese dance troupe impressed once again at the Live Show.

By McKenzie Jean-Philippe

Group Golden Buzzer Chibi Unity had the Judges on their feet following their America's Got Talent 18 audition earlier this season.

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Dancing to Cleopatrick's "Hometown", the troupe from Niigata, Japan pulled off a costume change set to engaging lighting effects that made them one of the most unforgettable Acts of the season. 

"When we saw Mayyas on AGT, we knew we have to come to be on the stage," crew leader Banta said of the Season 17 winners during September 12's Live Show. "We were so excited. This was 10 years of hard work, and it paid off. When confetti falls down it was like we were in the dream. We dance from our soul. That makes us different... We came all this way because we are the best dance crew in Japan and now we want to prove we are the best in the world."

Chibi Unity returned with a bang for the fourth round of Live Shows, with executive producer Simon Cowell even comparing them to a "Nike commercial". They cemented a spot in the Top 2 for the week alongside magician Anna DeGuzman after winning America's Vote. This means they will compete in the September 25 Finale as a member of the season's Top 11.

Read on to learn more about the performance that got them there.

What song did Chibi Unity dance to during AGT's Live Show?

The dance crew's performance was set to the song "Renegade" by Japanese rock band One Ok Rock.

Chibi Unity performing on America's Got Talent.

"[We] have used this piece before and the music, but this is AGT," Bunta told us. "This is a AGT performance like once in a lifetime, so we choreographed totally different. We upscaled it and practiced like you wouldn't believe."

With the entire group dressed in all white, Chibi Unity made their precise moves pop with hand light and screens depicting captivating imagery of the elements. Their routine was closed out with the wave of a giant red flag, bringing all four Judges to their feet for a standing ovation.

Reflecting on the time since their audition leading up to Lives, Bunta says, "We actually perform and choreograph based on our feeling. So having Judges from professional point of view to give us some details on the performance and how we can better ourselves, that is very, very important for us. So we took every word they gave us."

What the Judges thought of Chibi Unity

Chibi Unity appears wearing all white on stage during America's Got Talent.

Heidi Klum"You are our Golden Buzzer, and you did not disappoint. You gave us so many special moments, the synchronicity. Everyone was so in-sync, it was amazing. And what I loved the most, when you were walking on top of the backs. I have not seen this before, it was incredible."

Sofia Vergara"Breathtaking. I mean I could watch you guys perform for hours...I mean it's surprising, it's sexy, it's like so artsy. You guys, I mean I can tell how much work you put in this, how much passion. I am so happy that you guys are here tonight on AGT. "

Simon Cowell"I'm so happy actually for all of you because I think The Mayyas has definitely has made a difference to the way we see a lot of dances now on stage. Because we're seeing so much more creativity. This was like watching a really cool Nike commercial or something. You're very stylish and the music choice was amazing, and I really like you. This is one of the best Acts we've seen this year."

Howie Mandel:"By far the best Act of the night, hands down. And there's only one word to describe it. In English we say, 'Wow!'"

What's next for Chibi Unity

Chibi Unity Brings a COOL Performance with Jaw-Dropping Moves! | Qualifiers | AGT 2023 | NBC

The crew will now compete in the Top 11 during the Finale alongside Anna DeGuzman, fellow dance crew MurmurationPutri ArianiMzansi Youth ChoirAhren BelisleLavender Darcangelo, and Adrian Stoica & Hurricane. So what will they do to earn that spot and earn the $1 million grand prize? They say it's a "surprise."

"We have some idea," Bunta teased. "We have an inspiration."

With reporting by Tara Bennett.

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